Make the Fearless Girl Statue Permanent!

March 2017

In recognition of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, a bronze statue of a little girl, standing proud and resolute, was placed in front of the iconic Charging Bull, in lower Manhattan. With her hands on her hips, her feet planted firmly, and her chin held high, many see her as a symbol of confidence, optimism, and resilience.

In a short time, the Fearless Girl statue has managed to captivate the imagination of many, and it has motivated us to look past typical symbols of power, resilience, and courage. That is why I am requesting that the City permanently place the statue at its current location. This exhibit points out that the might of a charging bull, and that which it symbolizes, can be easily matched with the determination and defiance of young women. Please join me in the push by signing on to this petition!

I support the permanent placement of Fearless Girl at its current location.

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