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Dear Neighbor,

With growing concern over sex offenders living in our communities, it is crucial that we work to keep our children free from harm. These sexual predators often do not come across as dangerous criminals. They can be a friend, neighbor, or even a trusted teacher – as we’ve seen in communities right here on Long Island. We need to talk to our children and send a clear message about appropriate and inappropriate behavior. Their safety and security depend on it. I will continue fighting to protect all children by strengthening Megan’s Law and supporting legislation that will help keep sexual predators away from our families.

Steve Englebright
Member of Assembly

Protecting our families from sexual predators

Keeping better tabs on sex offenders

This year, Assemblyman Englebright supported measures which will help ensure our communities are safe, keep sex offenders off the streets and protect our children by giving law enforcement the tools needed to combat sex crimes. This legislation, which awaits the governor’s signature, will:

  • Close a loophole in current law, establishing a process by which victims, prosecutors, the Division of Criminal Justice Services and sentencing courts are notified when certain convicted felons petition a court to change their names (A.8228)

  • Legislation recently signed into law would prohibit sex offenders from participating in community service programs operated by the state Department of Correctional Services (Chap. 252 of 2005)

Strengthening Megan’s Law

The Legislature worked together to strengthen New York’s offender registration statute known as Megan’s Law. This year, Assemblyman Englebright authored a measure to ensure more protection for New York families by requiring law enforcement agencies to maintain lists of organizations serving vulnerable populations like schools, day care centers and neighborhood watch groups for the purpose of notifying such organizations of the presence of sex offenders in the community (A.2252-A).

He also supported a bill mandating that the state provide 30 days notice to local social services districts when any Level 2 or 3 sex offender being released from prison intends to seek homeless housing assistance (A.6790).

Safeguarding our children and communities

Because children are especially at risk, the governor recently signed into law legislation, authored by Assemblyman Englebright, requiring day camps and overnight camps to run background checks on perspective staff to determine if they are registered sex offenders (Chap. 260 of 2005). In addition, other measures sponsored by Assemblyman Englebright which passed the Legislature include:

  • Providing for the public disclosure of any aliases used by convicted Level 2 and Level 3 sex offenders (A.2664)

  • Allowing courts to hold hearings in the offender’s absence to determine their level of risk of repeat offenses, when the offender is notified of a court hearing but fails to appear (A.3758-A)

  • Restricting the use of public funds for erectile dysfunction drugs, procedures or supplies to convicted sex offenders (A.8999)

Preventing child abductions

To improve the Amber Alert Plan, Assemblyman Englebright sponsored a measure to increase state assistance to help communities establish local Amber Alerts – ensuring a quick response if a child is missing (A.8312).

For further information on this legislation or other concerns, please contact Assemblyman Englebright at

Information to keep your family safe
Information about Level 3 sex offenders is distributed at law enforcement agencies throughout the state. Anyone can review that information at the local law enforcement agencies or via the Internet at or call 1-800-262-3257.


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