Assemblyman Ramos provides Suffolk families with relief and reform

Ramos fought to put hundreds of dollars back in the pockets of Suffolk families
Real tax relief for hard-working families
The one thing we can all agree on is that taxes are putting a strain on family budgets. That’s why the Legislature passed a bipartisan budget that delivers tax relief to Suffolk County families.

This year the Legislature delivers real tax relief by:

  • Providing a tax rebate returning an average of $285 to Suffolk County families and a cost-of-living adjustment to Enhanced STAR - saving senior homeowners an additional $447, on average

  • Eliminating the regressive 4 percent state sales tax on clothing under $110

  • Eliminating the marriage penalty tax

  • Creating an income tax credit of $200 for volunteer firefighters and emergency workers

  • Creating a tax deduction for New York State National Guard members called to federal service



Making sure money for education makes it to the classroom
Last year, Assemblyman Ramos sponsored a new law to increase oversight of school districts statewide and helped provide $2.9 million in resources for the state Comptroller’s office to conduct more frequent school audits - helping to weed out corruption and mismanagement in New York schools.

To provide more oversight and reform, this year Assemblyman Ramos is:

  • Sponsoring legislation to require school districts to make their budgetary information available for scrutiny by making itemized summaries of their budgets, expenditures and revenue available to the public (A.10229)

  • Supporting a bill that will make it mandatory for those convicted of stealing or misusing taxpayer dollars to pay full restitution - which currently is at the discretion of the court (A.9226)

Fighting for reform and accountability
As chair of the Assembly Volunteer Emergency Services Subcommittee, Ramos believes increased transparency and accountability will create a fiscal reporting system that will preserve the integrity of our brave volunteer firefighters, and taxpayers will have a better understanding of how their money is spent.

That’s why Ramos supports the Assembly’s legislation that will:

  • Require a public vote before a fire district could create a reserve fund for new buildings and equipment (A.10474)

  • Allow the state comptroller to audit the books of non-profit fire companies (A.10473)

  • Increase the amount and quality of information available to taxpayers by requiring certain information to be posted on fire district and municipal Web sites (A.10482)

  • Ensure fire commissioners are equipped with the tools they need to perform financial oversight by establishing education requirements for district commissioners (A.10484)

The governor must not deny homeowners property tax relief

Although 198 of 212 legislators from both sides of the aisle voted to override the governor’s veto, the governor is still threatening to block the property tax relief portion of the budget.

I urge you to contact the governor at (631) 952-6583 to tell him we need tax relief now.

Providing relief at the pump

Exxon and Mobil are recording record profits and former CEOs are receiving $400 million retirement packages while New Yorkers are being squeezed at the pump.

With no immediate assistance or long-term solution for skyrocketing fuel costs from the Bush administration expected - considering President Bush and Vice President Cheney are both oil men - Ramos is taking steps to provide New York’s families, motorists, and businesses with some immediate relief.

The Legislative bipartisan agreement will:

  • Cap the state sales tax on gasoline at $2 per gallon starting June 1

  • Allow localities to eliminate their portion of the sales tax 

  • Require that service station owners pass along the savings to consumers

  • Make the state Commissioner of Taxation and Finance, in conjunction with the Chair of the state Consumer Protection Board, responsible for enforcing the gas cap

  • Fine gas stations up to $5,000 per incident, per day, if they neglect to pass savings on to consumers

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