photo Assemblyman
Philip Ramos
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Suffolk families safe

Philip Ramos continues his
"I served on the Suffolk Police Department for 20 years and I know the dangers that exist on the streets from gun violence. We have an obligation to keep guns out of the hands of criminals so that innocent people don’t lose their lives."

- Assemblyman
Philip Ramos

effort to keep us safe

Last year, Assemblyman Ramos voted for legislation, which is now law, to stop the illegal flow of guns into criminal hands and increase penalties for the sale and possession of multiple illegal weapons (Ch. 764 of 2005).

This year Assemblyman Ramos is fighting to protect New Yorkers from common criminals and terrorists by voting for legislation that:

  • Bans exploding, inflammatory and armor-piercing "cop killer" bullets (A.2837)

  • Bans convicted felons from obtaining firearms (A.1170)

  • Expands the ballistics identification databank to assist law enforcement officers in tracking down guns used in crimes (A.968-B)

  • Cracks down on the practice of "straw buyers," who legally purchase firearms for resale to criminals (A.9280)

Unfortunately, Ramos’ effort to enact these bills has been stymied by the NRA-backed Senate majority, which continues to oppose any common-sense efforts to crack down on illegal guns. Despite this, Assemblyman Ramos continued to press for tough measures that will help keep New York the safest large state in the nation.

He also authored legislation, which has recently passed the Assembly, to permit police agencies to destroy confiscated rifles or shotguns if they are left unclaimed after one year (A.6027).

Legislative agreement on new crime initiatives
Expanding New York’s criminal DNA database to put dangerous criminals behind bars

Last month the Assembly and Senate passed legislation that would expand the DNA database by including samples from criminals convicted of all felonies and many common misdemeanors.

"The DNA databank is an incredibly powerful tool that has revolutionized criminal investigations and will assist law enforcement in prosecuting criminals and protecting victims. Expanding this database will help police and prosecutors to better protect our communities."

- Assemblyman
Philip Ramos

Ending the criminal statute of limitations on major sex crimes

The Legislature also reached an agreement that will eliminate the statute of limitations on rape, allowing victims and law enforcement to prosecute offenders years, or even decades, later.

"There are many reasons why a victim of sexual assault may not come forward immediately because the assault can be so traumatizing. Eliminating the statute of limitations will help assure that the mere passage of time does not allow these criminals to get away with these heinous crimes."

- Assemblyman
Philip Ramos

Assemblyman Ramos "Protecting our families from deadly firearms is not an option - it’s a must."

Philip Ramos

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