“I vote against tax increases because I understand that the last thing Suffolk families need right now is higher taxes.”

– Assemblyman Phil Ramos

Ramos’ record of providing tax relief

  • Capped the state sales tax on gas

  • Eliminated the marriage penalty tax

  • Eliminated the state sales tax on clothing and shoes under $110

  • Created the Empire State Child Tax Credit up to $330

Assemblyman Ramos fights AGAINST tax increases

Phil Ramos has voted against tax increases more than 200 times. And he fought to make sure this year’s state budget was not balanced on the backs of working families and seniors. Ramos fought to:

  • Secure our fair share of state education dollars – to help hold the line on property taxes (Ch. 57 of 2008)

  • Reject the “car tax” – a $15 fee on each insured vehicle

  • Reject an increase in the gas tax

Assemblyman Philip Ramos
1010 Suffolk Avenue • Brentwood, NY 11717
435-3214 • ramosp@assembly.state.ny.us