Assemblyman Phil Ramos

Keeping our
children and
families safe
and healthy

“The health and safety of our families continues to be one of my top priorities, and I will continue my efforts to make our community safer.”
Phil Ramos
Assemblyman Phil Ramos
1010 Suffolk Ave. • Brentwood, NY 11717
435-3214 •
Because of Assemblyman Phil Ramos we have...

...a safer Suffolk.

Assemblyman Phil Ramos has spent a lifetime working to make our community a safer place. As a former Suffolk police officer and now as our Assemblyman, Phil has pushed for strong anti-crime laws to ensure that our families are safe. Phil:

  • Sponsored the law that will help keep children safe online by prohibiting inappropriate use of the Internet by sex offenders (Ch. 67 of 2008)

  • Sponsored last year’s landmark civil commitment law to ensure that dangerous sex offenders are kept away from children (Ch. 7 of 2007)

  • Helped negotiate an agreement between Suffolk police and law enforcement in El Salvador to share intelligence on gangs and get gangs off our streets

  • Secured thousands of dollars for local before- and after-school programs to help keep children safe and provide an alternative to crime and gangs

...a healthier Suffolk.

Phil’s mother was a nurse, so he’s understood since childhood the critical importance of quality health care. In the Assembly, Phil has fought to make sure quality, affordable health care is available. Phil:

  • Led the effort to expand Child Health Plus so all children have access to health care, in spite of President Bush’s veto at the federal level (Ch. 58 of 2008)

  • Sponsored the Healthy Schools Act to ensure children have access to healthy meals in school (A.8698, passed the Assembly)

  • Sponsored legislation to make prescription drugs more accessible and affordable (A.3848-B, passed the Assembly)

  • Secured vital funding for important local groups and initiatives, including Breast Cancer Help Inc., the Victims Information Bureau of Suffolk to help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and the Suffolk Network on Adolescent Pregnancy