Assemblyman Ramos:
Fighting for a fair, responsible state budget
“It’s simply wrong for the state to use taxpayer refunds as an interest-free loan.”

—Assemblyman Phil Ramos

Assemblyman Ramos knows that working families have been forced to tighten their belts. It’s time for Albany to do the same.
Fighting for taxpayers

No delay on tax refunds. It’s your refund money, not the state’s. Assemblyman Ramos is saying “NO” to the plan to keep our income tax refunds.

No new taxes and fees

Opposing any new taxes. Ramos voted against the MTA payroll tax and will oppose any new taxes and proposed nickel-and-dime fees that disproportionately affect working families.

Standing up for Suffolk residents

Saying NO to closing Brentwood and Hecksher Park. Now more than ever, families need inexpensive recreation options. The proposal to close several local state parks is not the solution to solving the state’s budget deficit.

Working with the FBI and local officials to protect our community. Assemblyman Ramos and Congressman Israel recently met with the FBI to discuss the best approach to protect our neighborhoods from the threat of violence.