Landmark ethics reform passes Assembly
“Public officials who represent New Yorkers must be accountable to the people they serve.”
– Assemblyman
Charles D. Lavine

Assemblyman Lavine: Legislation ushers in greater transparency and accountability in Albany

Strengthens ethics oversight
The Assembly’s legislation creates an independent commission tasked with investigating wrongdoing in the legislative and executive branches, ensuring compliance with financial disclosure requirements and overseeing lobbyists while holding them to higher disclosure standards.
Increases disclosure of outside income and conflicts of interest
Public officials with outside employment will be required to disclose the names of clients who have business with the state. In addition, public officials will have to publicly disclose their other income.
Cuts pensions from officials convicted of felonies
Public officials convicted of a felony related to their office will face the loss of their pension benefits, making violating the public’s trust a costly offense (A.8301).
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Assemblyman Charles D. Lavine