Assemblyman Michael Montesano:
Standing Up for Long Island
Against $137 Billion in New Wasteful Spending*
*Estimate of overall spending in 2010-2011 budget by New York State Comptroller, July 2010

Long Island Taxpayers Can’t Afford Albany’s Spending Spree!

The 2010-2011 New York State budget was late, secretive, and expensive. According to the state comptroller, Albany’s career politicians spent twice the rate of inflation and left a massive $7 billion deficit for our families and businesses to close next year.

Had Enough?
Assemblyman Michael Montesano opposed this $9.6 billion hike in wasteful spending and pork-barrel projects. Unlike Albany’s insiders, he proposed measures to lower spending and cut taxes on the middle class. Michael Montesano is standing up for you and speaking out against Albany’s spending spree!

Albany’s Broken Budget
Property tax cap to rein in sky-high school taxes that force families out of Long Island
More than $1.4 billion in new taxes and fees
A state spending cap
Lawmakers spent 4.2% more than last year – twice the rate of inflation
Making Power for Jobs permanent
Career politicians turn out the lights on low-cost energy plan for small business
Restoring the STAR rebate checks
Reforming Empire Zones to create more jobs in our region
“Excelsior Jobs Program” uses borrowed money and reduces available tax credits to companies

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