Assemblyman Montesano in the community

photo Montesano honoring the Hicksville Boys and Girls Club on their 40th anniversary.

photo Montesano at the dedication of the Purple Heart Way with local Purple Heart recipients. Montesano sponsored Assembly bill 5165, creating the designation on the Northern State Parkway.

photo Montesano speaking with seniors at the Golden Ring Senior Center in Glen Head.

Education Reform
Governor Cuomo’s Executive Budget proposed tying education funding to teacher performance. While teacher evaluations are important, education begins at home. Teachers, parents and students need to work together to give our children and community the best opportunity for success. We will continue to bring more state aid for education into our community to help reduce property taxes for Long Island taxpayers.

Helping Business
Government does not create long-term jobs. During the 2012-13 legislative session, my colleagues and I will continue to lift the heavy hand of government off our job creators. Working together, we can bring New York State out of the recession and bring good-paying, private-sector jobs to Long Island.

Assemblyman Montesano sent out a Community Survey during fall 2011. Highlights of the survey results are here. For full survey results, constituents can reach out to Assemblyman Montesano or find them on Facebook!

Do you agree or disagree that the state should lower the tax levy for businesses to encourage economic growth?
70.2% AGREE

Would you support or oppose major overhauls to education if they were carried out in a way which lowers property taxes and improves quality education in the long term?

Do you support or oppose further unfunded mandate relief for municipalities to allow the 2 percent property tax cap to work effectively?

Do you support or oppose commissioning the state comptroller’s office to perform a forensic audit of the MTA in order to identify cost-saving measures that can be undertaken within the agency?

Do you support or oppose legislation to make cyberbullying a criminal offense?

Looking back at 2011

Looking forward to 2012