Michelle Schimel

Protecting North Hempstead’s Seniors.

Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel’s measures will help protect seniors
Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel helped pass a new law increasing penalties for assaulting a person 65 or older to up to 7 years in state prison (Ch. 68 of 2008). This new statute will help keep our seniors safe while punishing violent criminals.

Additional legislation the Assembly passed:

  • Increases penalties if more than one senior citizen is victimized by a scam artist (A.9813)

  • Adds an experienced elder law attorney to the state Crime Victims Board (A.6204)

  • Requires the New York State Police to develop educational materials for law enforcement on elder abuse (A.9905)

Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel also helped pass legislation assisting vulnerable New Yorkers by:

  • Preventing debt collectors from seizing Social Security, Social Security Disability, Supplemental Security and veterans benefits in bank accounts up to $2,500 (A.8527)

  • Protecting seniors by requiring prompt accounting and repayment of rent security deposits by landlords (A.2114)

  • Rewriting New York’s power of attorney statute so agents for senior citizens, incapacitated and others cannot cheat or defraud those who have designated them (A.6421-A)

  • Providing the right to sue for people who are targeted, or whose property is targeted, because of bias, including being over the age of 60, disability, race and religion (A.866)

“We cannot tolerate criminals who target and assault senior citizens. This new law will help protect seniors from violence.”

Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel

Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel Assemblywoman
Michelle Schimel

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