Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel Reports to the People

Assemblywoman Schimel Brings You Health Tips on the Flu from the Nassau County Department of Health
  1. Get a seasonal flu shot:
  2. The flu is a contagious respiratory illness that can cause mild to severe illness. The single best way to combat the flu is to receive a flu shot and practice good health habits. In general, anyone who wants to reduce their chances of getting the flu can get vaccinated. October through December is the best time to receive a flu shot. A seasonal flu vaccine will not protect individuals against novel H1N1 (formerly know as Swine Flu). A new vaccine is being produced for novel H1N1 and should be available in the coming months.
  3. Have a regular family physician:
  4. Identify a health care professional or medical office to coordinate and oversee you and your familyís care, whether sick or healthy.
  5. Practice good health habits and take everyday preventive actions:
  6. Be prepared:
  7. In the event you become sick be prepared by keeping the following items on hand in your house:
  8. Stay informed:
  9. Follow public health advice regarding the flu. To date, the majority of individuals affected with novel H1N1 (Swine Flu) experience mild to moderate symptoms similar to seasonal flu. The Nassau County Department of Health (DOH) will continue to meet and communicate with schools, health care providers and hospitals daily in planning for the influenza season. Stay informed by utilizing the following resources:
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