message to
the people

Summer 2004

Message to the People

My goal is, when you receive this newsletter update, that we will have passed a state budget. As of this writing, the budget is over one hundred days past due.

I am very concerned about the hardship this has on school districts, community-based organizations, municipalities and other private and public entities who rely on the state budget to complete their business.

At this point in time, the outstanding issues are:

  • CFE (See Newsletter dated Spring 2004);
  • restoration of the governor’s cut in TAP;
  • rejection of the governor’s healthcare cuts;
  • reform of the Rockefeller Drug Law;
  • mental health parity;
  • assisted living;
  • medicaid relief for counties.

The assembly is working diligently throughout the summer to ensure these issues are addressed fairly and equitably for our constituents.

Search for Roosevelt School District Superintendent Extended

In response to community concern regarding the State Education Department’s search for a Roosevelt School District Superintendent (the current Superintendent, Horace Williams, chose not to renew his contract) has been re-opened. An interim superintendent will be appointed until the vacancy is filled.

The Assemblywoman wrote a letter and met with Richard Mills, Commissioner, State Education Department, to express the community’s angst regarding the state’s search. The legislation of 2002 allocated the responsibility of appointing a superintendent to the Roosevelt School District, to the Commissioner of the State Education Department.

The search will be nationwide and will continue until a competent individual is appointed to the position.

$30,000 Grant Issued to Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
(Delta Minerva Life Development Center)

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. received a thirty-thousand dollar ($30,000) grant for their Delta Minerva Life Development Center.

The Assemblywoman presented this grant to the sorority for their program for social and recreational activities delivered to seniors in their residential settings. In addition, the sorority provided enhancement and educational stimulus for youth through public forums. These forums focused on health, self-esteem and inter-generational outreach.

Delta Roberta London, with her enthusiastic and dedicated committee has lead this development center towards its success and goals.

Correction from
Spring 2004 Newsletter

Assemblywoman Hooper; Veberta Ceasar, President, Smith Street Civic Association, Lakeview and Julian Jones, President, Lakeview Community Council. $75,000 to repair Smith Street in Lakeview.

The Assemblywoman Nominates
Dr. Smith to Serve on
State Board of Regents

Assemblywoman Hooper has nominated Dr. Phillip M. Smith, Uniondale, to be considered for a vacancy on the New York State Board of Regents.

A vacancy became available when the Long Island State Board Regent, Robert Johnson, resigned his position on May 14, 2004.

Dr. Smith has extensive and varied experience in the area of education both private and public, elementary and secondary and also as a counselor for children and worked as a recreation director. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in zoology, with a minor in mathematics and chemistry, a Master of Arts degree in Secondary Science and a Doctorate in Education Administration. He is married to Gloria Carter Smith, the father of two sons, Phillip Jr. and Jeffrey and a proud grandfather of five.

The Assemblywoman has submitted his nomination to the appropriate authorities wherein Dr. Smith, with other nominees, will have an opportunity to become a part of the process to fill the vacancy.

The process to select a regent begins January, 2005. Best wishes to an outstanding educator.

“Lord When Will This End”
Hempstead Author Highlighted

Myrtle Peterson, resident of the Village of Hempstead is now in the league with such literary luminares as Tom Joyner, Radio Host and Maya Angelou, Poet/Professor.

Chicken Soup for the African American Soul is a compilation of stories attributed to a culture that prides itself on its sense of survival, resilience, healing, prayer and perseverance.

The anthology of 101 stories submitted by numerous authors, features chapter 4, “Lord When Will This End”, written by Peterson.

We are proud to have in our community someone of this stature, - the potential to be on the best seller list.

I intend to enjoy Chicken Soup.

Barbara Alexander with her son Richard Alexander and the Assemblywoman.

Our “Own” Hero: Lakeview Street Named

His name was Winston A. Grant. He was a husband, father, friend, neighbor, and employee.

On September 11, 2001 (911) he went to his place of employment at the World Trade Center to earn a living to support his family. (His wife, Joyce, has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease and he was her “thread to life”.)

On that morning, they were not aware they were saying their final “Goodbyes.”

So, the community has made a pledge to never forget our neighbor and friend – Winston Grant. On July 15th, a street in Lakeview was named in his honor – Winston A. Grant Street.

My fondest, personal memory of Winston Grant was his participation in the 1988 cotillion where his daughter, Adrian and my daughter, Charisse, were debutantes.

Assemblywoman Hooper (L) is shown with the family of Winston Grant: Jerome Grant (son), Adrian Duran (daughter), and Joyce Grant (wife) seated).

Scholarship Award

Richard Alexander has received $4,000.00 in Scholarship from Assemblywoman Hooper.

The scholarship award is given to one student per year via The Black and Puerto Rican Legislative Caucus.

Richard is a student at the University of Maryland. He is a candidate for a BA in Communication Studies and Theatre Arts in the Spring of 2005.

Richard’s proud parents are Claude and Barbara Alexander, the elder brother of Christina and Jon Claude. They reside in Roosevelt.

Concerned citizens Jerry Kralovich (R) and Peter Hirschhorn (L) share their ideas with the Assemblywoman for the betterment of Merrick.