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Message to the People

Message to the People

Assemblywoman Hooper For the first time in twenty (20) years, we passed a budget on time. This complicated and long-term process culminated with a bi-partisan testament from all members to reject the Governor’s proposed damaging cuts in critical areas and programs.

Lending itself to this successful venture was the two-house conference committees. I served on the joint house conference committee for Higher Education. My role, in negotiating this aspect of the State budget, resulted in the continuation of TAP, a rejection of automatic annual tuition hikes as well as restoring community college aid for full-time students.

This budget protects access to quality, affordable health care by reducing the "sick-tax" on nursing homes and cutting tax on hospitals in half.

Helping working families keep more of their hard-earned money was also a major accomplishment by enacting two (2) weeks free of sales tax on clothing under one hundred dollars ($100.00) and a permanent version of that sales tax exemption effective April 1, 2007.

The agreement to expand and reform the State’s Empire Zones Program will allow each region of the State to compete in the global economy. This translates into more jobs for our area.

The overall tone of the budget addresses quality-of-life issues for all New Yorkers - housing, education, crime/gang prevention, child care and a safe environment.

I look forward to 2006 to fight for the good and welfare of the 18th AD.


50 Clinton Street, Suite 214
Hempstead, N.Y. 11550

Hempstead Police Receive $120,000 for New Vests

photo Hempstead Mayor Wayne Hall accepts $120,000 check for police vests. L to R: Trustee Henry Conyers, Police Lt. Richard Wells, Assemblywoman Hooper, Trustee Perry Pettus, Chief of Police James Russo.

When Police Lieutenant Richard Wells met with me this year, he explained the serious dilemma confronting "Hempstead’s Finest" - the police force.

The one hundred twenty (120) member force was using bullet-proof vests which had out-lived their warranty, no longer guaranteed safe, leaving our "protectors" vulnerable.

The village could not afford to purchase these vital uniform enhancements. This situation, as presented to me, was unacceptable.

Upon discussing this plight with the Speaker of the Assembly, Sheldon Silver, a special grant was set aside and allocated to the Hempstead Village Police...each officer is to get a new vest with the $120,000 grant. Now, those who protect us can be protected, too.

"$325,000 to Buy Time-Out Club"

photo Andre Huff, Director (6th from left), "Time-Out Club" of the Percy Jackson Center receives the $325,000 check from the Assemblywoman (front center). Also shown are members of the Percy Jackson Center Board of Directors, the Mills family, leaders and civic activists of the community.

The Percy Jackson Center has been a landmark in the Hempstead Village for over three decades (30 years). The center, which is the only facility of its kind in this part of Nassau County, provides a myriad of services to youth under the direction of Andre Huff. The after-school program, summer program, athletic program, computer classes, arts and crafts provide an alternative for youth during their most vulnerable hours. It is a safe place for "Time Out" for the children and their parents/caregivers.

Throughout the history of the Percy Jackson Center, a major funding factor was the high cost of rent. No more. The building was purchased with a three hundred twenty-five thousand dollar ($325,000.00) grant from the Assemblywoman. This property now Belongs to the community for the betterment of our youth. Yet another strike against crime/gang activity!

Centennial School Opens "New Building Is First-of-Five"

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the Centennial Elementary School in Roosevelt on October 20, 2005.

This modern, beautifully constructed, state-of-the-art building is the first of five for the Roosevelt School District.

The ceremony was under the leadership of Ronald Ross, Superintendent, Ronald Simpkins, Principal, as well as staff and administrators.

The program was especially poignant as these well-deserving students presented a program that touched the souls of the attendees in recounting how far we have come in our quest to educate the Black Student. Yet, the diverse population greatly enhanced the value of this newly constructed facility and its impact on our entire community. Centennial educates students from pre-K to 6th grade.

Imagine... in five (5) years this fine new building will be the oldest in the entire school district.

Congratulations, Roosevelt!
photo Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Centennial Elementary School. L to R: Ronald Simpkins, principal; Assemblywoman Hooper; Ronald Ross, superintendent; Carl DeHaney, Jr., Board Member; Pepin Ancilien, JMOA Engineering; and students - L to R: Jade Penn, Kindergarten; Terrell Cowans, Jr., 1st Grade; and Wura Ayo, 2nd Grade.

Hispanic Counseling Center Receives $20,000 Grant

The Hispanic Counseling Center was granted $20,000 for the purpose of after school activities to prevent children at risk from gang involvement and to prevent criminal activity and drug/alcohol use.

Gladys Serrano, Director of the Center, has dedicated many years in the interest of Hispanic families and youth who need a multitude of social services as they integrate into our community. The agency offers a large scope of services - psychological, financial, housing, educational, social, etc - and has become a beacon of resources for this client population.

The additional $20,000 will assist in addressing the aforementioned problems confronting all communities at a time when it is most needed. Each hour a child spends at the counseling center is an hour that gives a child an alternative.

Assemblywoman Hooper presents a $20,000 grant to Gladys Serrano, Director, Hispanic Counseling Center. Also shown is Mark Bonilla, Hempstead Town Clerk.

Merrick Business Benefits from State-Linked Deposit Program

Small business is the backbone of our economy. To assist small businesses in their efforts to improve competitiveness, we created the Linked Deposit Program in 1993.

State funds are deposited in banks that extend loans to businesses at reduced rates to encourage investment.

I am pleased that Freeport Collision at 182 East Merrick Road, Merrick, is linked via this program through Citibank.

It is the assembly’s mission to assist, in any way feasible, small businesses who give so much to our community.

We Declare Fuel Emergency

We, in the Assembly, have called on Governor Pataki to declare a fuel supply emergency as provided under the State’s Energy Law (Section 5-117).

We understand that consumers confront a grueling winter with unwarranted price increases and supply disruptions. In addition, rip-offs of consumers by unscrupulous vendors are not to be tolerated.

For months, each trip to the gas station has come as a trip in price-shock. Working families, businesses, school districts - everyone - has become victim to these skyrocketing prices.

Hearings have been held to address this issue and long-term solutions are necessary to protect the consumer and our security.

We intend to impact:

(a) an increase in HEAP (funds for low-income and senior citizens);
(b) control wholesale/resale prices;
(c) how state/federal taxes affect prices.

We shall not stop until we devise a coordinated effort to solve this crisis.

Assemblywoman Provides Guidance to Group Seeking Opening of Wellness Center

When the Hempstead General Hospital closed, it left the Village void of any medical facility. With leadership and support from the local branch of the NAACP, Douglas Mayers, President, escorted a group to Albany on behalf of opening this building as a Wellness Center.

The group presented its mission to the Assemblywoman. Understanding the complexities of such a worthy endeavor, and since the group had in its attendance Lance Clark, Esq., the Assemblywoman provided information and guidance (fiscal resources) to assist in this goal.

Hempstead Village has a population that could benefit from a Wellness Center and this project should come to fruition.

photo Dr. Aubry Lewis (right), Douglas Mayers, Lance Clark, Esq. (5th from left rear), and civic activists meet with Assemblywoman Hooper (6th from R rear) to discuss Wellness Center.


Molloy College has a significant number of minority (African American/Hispanic) students who need assistance as they prepare for their future. The college has established a Career Planning Center to assist these students. It will serve as a job placement resource for over three thousand three hundred (3,300) students from both counties (Nassau/Suffolk) and NYC.

The fifty thousand dollar ($50,000) grant appropriation is a result of the leadership of President, Dr. Drew Bogner and Daniel Bythewood, DDS, Trustee.

Dr. Drew Bogner, President, Molloy College, and Dr. Daniel Bythewood, Chair, Fundraising Molloy College display $50,000 check from Assemblywoman Hooper.

Time to Challenge Your Property Taxes ..... AGAIN
"Special Challenge Meeting Held for Roosevelt Residents"

photo Thursday, January 27, 2005, and February 10, 2005, a special meeting was held for Roosevelt residents (all others were welcome) to challenge their property taxes.

The Roosevelt community, in good faith, passed a bond that allowed the building of five (5) new schools. To assure these taxpayers have all necessary information to prevent paying no more than their fair share, the meetings were held in the Roosevelt Library.

Local residents, experienced tax challenger Wilbur Payne of Roosevelt and a representative from the Nassau County Board of Assessors were there to provide information and guidance.

Those present completed their "challenge forms" and the assemblywoman assured their delivery to 240 Old Country Road. Nevertheless, it is time to challenge your property taxes again. You must do this challenge Every year. Watch your mail for dates when the Assemblywoman will be available in 2006 to assist in this annual "ritual."

photo Nassau Community College Graduation. L to R: Eric J. Paulson, Valedictorian; William E. Domroe, Chair of the Board of Trustees; Dr. Sean Fanelli, President, Nassau Community College; Dr. Earlene Hooper, Assemblywoman 18th AD. photo President Wilma Tootle of The Links, Inc. presents an award of appreciation to Assemblywoman Hooper. The $30,000 grant provides students from various school districts the opportunity to display their talent in the area of fine arts. L to R: President Tootle, Assemblywoman Hooper, Gwendolyn Carroll, Chair of the Arts Facet Committee.
Students join County Executive Suozzi, Kwame Boakye-Yiadom, Asst. Superintendent for Business, Roosevelt School District and Assemblywoman Hooper at a ground-breaking ceremony for Roosevelt Middle School, the second of five new buildings for Roosevelt Union Free School District.
photo Grace Cathedral, Bishop Robert and Pastor Novella Harris present young ladies at their annual cotillion. The Assemblywoman admires the lovely gowns as the debutantes prepare to be "presented." photo The Assemblywoman welcomes Joe Namath to the Assembly Chamber. Namath is one of the Jets greatest quarterbacks. The Jets practice at Hofstra University.


History was made when Evangelist Hooper opened both houses of the Legislature with prayer. Never has a member of the Legislature had the honor of a family member offer prayer to both houses. Shown L to R: State Senator Thomas Duane, Assemblywoman Hooper, Anna Hooper (Evangelist’s wife), Evangelist William Hooper (Assemblywoman’s brother), State Senator David Paterson, Minority Leader, New York State Senate, State Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson, State Senator Kevin Parker. Evangelist Hooper resides in Durban, South Africa and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He has an international following. (There is no remuneration for his service.)