Assemblywoman Earlene Hooper
Summer 2006

Message to the People

Two consecutive years we passed a budget on time. This year, the governor decided to veto the people’s budget. The legislative body retaliated. We over-rode the vetoes.

The over-ride will deliver tax relief and invest in the local economy.

The “new spending plan” will protect health care, promote education and return tax dollars to families.

Tax Rebate: An average homeowner who receives Basic STAR or Enhanced STAR will receive a rebate check;

Child Tax Credit:

Three hundred-thirty dollars ($330.00) for each child between ages 4 and 17 for every family;

Marriage Tax:

The marriage penalty tax is eliminated;

Nursing Home:

Additional funding for energy costs for nursing homes;

Higher Education:

Restored vital operating aid to strengthen academic programs; included funds for new construction and restored TAP (I served on the negotiating conference committee for Higher Education).

I am proud of our commitment to assuring that the peoples’ house (Assembly) continues to work for the betterment of the people.

Assemblywoman Provides
$6.5 Million for Hempstead Village

A.11896, introduced by Assemblywoman Hooper on June 13th, gives the Village a fresh start to address the myriad problems confronting all residents.

These funds will allow the Village to pay its debt while protecting the rights of each individual’s tax money. In addition, this infusion of revenue should negate the Mayor’s plan to “gut” the pride of our Village – our police force &#shy;— through unnecessary layoffs.

At the “late hour” and after the State budget passed in April without “Village input,” Trustee Don Ryan and Trustee Perry Pettus were diligent in their fiduciary responsibilities and provided the Assemblywoman with necessary information to get this done prior to the end of session. Without their input, this could have been delayed until January 2007.

In addition, Trustee Lenore Long is to be commended for providing information to the legislative body that alerted us to the potential for inappropriate spending. Her information resulted in language in the bill to assure fair and equitable distribution of funds regardless of origin of birth, party affiliation, race, creed or color.

Thus, this legislation provides fiscal fairness to all the people and yet, does not diminish the fiscal responsibilities of the trustees.

I look forward to continuing to work for all our constituents for the betterment of our Village.

Roosevelt School Construction on Target

photo Trustees Don Ryan and Perry Pettus work with Assemblywoman Hooper for $6.5 million legislation for Hempstead.

The Roosevelt School District is in the process of building five (5) new schools. Centennial Elementary is occupied; Washington Rose is under construction and no problems are expected.

The Middle School’s site has broken ground and remediation of the contaminated site is underway.

It has been brought to the State’s attention that additional and unexpected contamination has been discovered on the site.

The nature of the contamination is non-toxic. It consists of abandoned rubbish: an old automobile, a motorcycle, mattresses, tires, rubbish, etc. An empty buried oil tank was discovered and is being removed.

The cost of remediation will not be passed to the taxpayers. The state is in the process of assuring this will be handled appropriately.

The commitment by the State is that no child/person will be permitted on these premises until they are deemed clean by an independent source.

Assemblywoman Brings Empire Zone to 18th AD

The 18th AD has been designated an Empire Zone (A.9021-A) with the aforementioned legislation.

The Assemblywoman has fought valiantly to bring this very necessary economic boost to the district. This newly configured Empire Zone extends from Freeport up through and including the Village of Hempstead.

The new Empire Zone legislation requires comprehensive reports from both the Empire State Development Corporation and the State Department of Taxation and Finance. This enables taxpayers:

  • To know the true number of jobs created and the true cost of the program;

  • Designates new zones based on a priority system of economic need;

  • Requires zones to reconfigure themselves into three distinct, contiguous areas;

  • Decertifies businesses that simply reincorporate without adding any new jobs in order to obtain benefits; and

  • Enhances the role of the state Department of Taxation and Finance to include the certification and decertification of businesses where appropriate.

  • Empire zones mean good-paying jobs and good-paying jobs mean better futures for working families.

I shall continue to monitor this program until it meets its full potential.

Nuisance Bar Closed

The residents who live near what was once McHebes Bar are deafened by the silence and tranquility. This place of business had become a public nuisance, especially on weekends, with loud raucous McHebe customers invading the neighborhood, destroying property and violating residents’ peace. Too often, residents simply “gave in” to sleepless weekends Thursday-Sunday.

Well, no more!!! With the distinguished leadership of Trustee Perry Pettus and the valiant work of the Hempstead Police Department under the leadership of Chief Russo, investigations revealed violations to such an extreme that I was able to communicate their findings to the State Liquor Authority (SLA) The result – McHebes Bar is closed.

It is not allowed to open as a place of entertainment or drinking for two years. No other business of that nature is allowed to occupy that space for two years. No persons directly or indirectly involved with McHebes is permitted an SLA license for that space.

According to Chief Russo, this is the most severe response imposed by the SLA on any drinking establishment.

Our constituents complained; we heard. The sign over the door at closed McHebes reads, “We are closed. We got the flu”. They are closed because you spoke; we acted and they “flew”!

photo Assemblywoman Hooper is joined by Speaker Silver, Assemblyman Charles Lavine, 13th AD, and Assemblyman Thomas DiNapoli, 16th AD, in the signing of an 18th AD Empire Zone.

Libraries on the Forefront of Education

Libraries play a vital role in offering free educational services to the entire community. They are places where one can use the computer to seek employment, a place to obtain necessary research for a class paper/project. The research librarian is a wealth of information for rare and often hard to locate material. Libraries are quiet, clean, pleasant and friendly.

Each budget year I consider libraries a priority for funding. The following libraries received grants in 2006:

East Meadow Public Library - $5,000
Hempstead Public Library - $5,000
Lakeview Public Library - $5,000

Visit your local library.

Assemblywoman Obtains Sign for National Cemetery

Assemblywoman Hooper introduced and passed legislation that resulted in a sign indicating the location of a National cemetery on Long Island.

Commander Niccolina of American Legion Post 342, Freeport, lead the fight to assure these hallowed grounds were properly designated. The sign was posted on Southern State Parkway, Exit 35.

Prior to this legislation, Pinelawn Cemeteries was clearly marked but no indication that the hallowed grounds of a national cemetery is also there.

This is very appropriate for our veterans who have given so “dearly” to our nation.

Planned Parenthood –
An Alternative Source of Health Care

Planned Parenthood of Nassau County offers a variety of health care services. These services are often unknown to the casual observer who needs a place to make healthy responsible medical decisions.

Planned Parenthood provides breast exams, well-women care, exams for cervical cancer, HIV/AIDS information, birth control education programs and a plethora of other informative medical services.

This is a viable affordable source of health care. They are located in Hempstead, Glen Cove and Massapequa. They are listed in your telephone directory. Feel comfortable to contact them.

Credit Cards

Legislation Passes to Protect You Against Identity Theft

The most rapidly growing crime, and that which is so egregious, is identity theft. In 2005 over 17,000 New Yorkers filed complaints of fraud and identity theft. This is one of the most difficult crimes to detect and, unfortunately, victims often are not aware until they apply for a loan or complete a credit application.

We in the Assembly are aware that this crime can be psychologically debilitating, financially frustrating and overwhelming to overcome. Therefore, the Assembly has passed a package of legislation to help prevent your becoming a victim:

  • A.10076-C – restricts businesses’ ability to print an individual’s social security number on mailings, any card or tag required to access products, services or benefits;

  • requires businesses that possess SSN’s to implement appropriate safeguards;

  • provides consumers the ability to freeze their credit reports (A.7349-D).

Businesses are responsible for shredding records before disposal, modifying records to render the information illegible and ensuring only appropriate personnel have access to “need to know” information regarding credit/identity data.

As we carefully balance access and privacy through our legislative initiatives, it is important that you, the consumer, also remain vigilant.

Do not discard vital data in common trash; collect your mail early; do not provide information to unsolicited callers or door-to-door sales-persons.

In this age of rapidly changing electronic technology, we must all share in responsible behavior to prevent identity theft.

2007 Teacher of the Year
Recognized in Assembly Chamber

photo Marguerite Izzo, “2007 New York State Teacher of the Year” with Dr. Mary Ellen Freeley, Superintendent, Malverne School District, David Zimbler, Principal, Herber Middle School, Steve Gilhuley, Assistant Principal and her husband, Greg Izzo.

Marguerite D. Izzo has been named “2007 New York State Teacher of the Year” by the New York State Regents.

The New York State Assembly was honored to have her visit us in the Assembly Chamber where she was acknowledged and welcomed.

Ms. Izzo is a fifth (5th) grade teacher at the Herber Middle School, Malverne. Her passion for educating our youth is manifested in her message, “. . . High expectations yield high results.”

She was joined in Albany by Dr. Mary Ellen Freeley, Superintendent, Malverne School District, David Zimbler, Principal, Herber Middle School, Steve Gilhuley, Assistant Principal, and her husband, Greg Izzo.

We are fortunate to have a teacher of this caliber affecting the youth in the 18th AD, Lakeview.


photo Women’s Bar Association of New York State officials visit Albany on Law Day.
Shown: Assemblywoman Hooper, Elaine N. Avery, President Elect 2006, Michele Titus, Assemblywoman 31st AD, Arndrea Phoenix, President, Women’s Bar Association, New York State.
photo Andre Huff receives “Distinguished Services Award” presented to him by the Black & Puerto Rican Legislative Caucus. Huff receives his award from Senator Martin Malave Dilan, 17th SD, and Assemblywoman Hooper.
McHebe’s Bar – Closed!! Trustee Perry Pettus (far right) points to sign over the closed bar, “We all got the flu.” Chief Russo, Assemblywoman Hooper and Lieut. Christopher O’Hearn point to the sign.
Freeport Concert receives $12,000 grant under the leadership of Belle Sylvester and Marc Josloff of Freeport. The Assemblywoman presents the grant at the semi-annual event of classical music.

Assemblywoman (far right) is thanked by members of the American Legion, Post 342, Freeport for the sign Pinelawn Cemeteries/Long Island National Cemetery, Southern State Parkway, Exit 35.
Uniondale Library gets a “face-lift.” Shown at the Grand opening: L to R Assemblywoman Hooper, Chinwe Erike and Neville Georges.