Message to the People

Assemblywoman Hooper
Enjoy a healthy, fun-filled summer.
Don’t forget: buckle up, use sunscreen and most of all, ensure your children are safe in all swimming environments.
Nassau University Medical Center has received a $40 million funding package from the state. These funds are the result of the joint efforts of Assemblywoman Hooper and her colleague, State Senator Kemp Hannon (6th SD).

Nassau University Medical Center is the only hospital in the 18th AD dedicated to serving the poor community. We could not allow this necessary facility to "go under." NUMC also serves local clinics and the A. Holly Patterson Nursing Home.

Had our efforts failed, the hospital would have faced a $40-50 million deficit in 2006, according to acting President Arthur Gianelli. This package greatly addresses this fiscal crisis.

The joint effort is testimony that when we work together, all the people benefit.

It is to be noted that in addition to Senator Hannon, all of the Long Island delegation were instrumental in this success.


The Assemblywoman has acquired funding for the repair/upgrade of Hempstead Village roads. Hempstead Turnpike/Fulton Avenue is currently under repair/upgrade due to the efforts of the Assemblywoman working together with Deputy Presiding Officer Roger Corbin and Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby. With information, constant requests and diligent efforts from these dedicated elected officials, the Assemblywoman has been able to obtain $8 million for road projects in the village. Hempstead Turnpike/Fulton Avenue from Clinton Street, which has already been completed up to Eisenhower Park, will include a complete overhaul to include drainage, asphalt, etc.

Jerusalem Avenue is also a state/county/town road. These funds are also being utilized to repair/upgrade Jerusalem Avenue from Hempstead Village to Newbridge Road in Hicksville. The Jerusalem Avenue project includes sidewalks, handicap ramps, traffic signals, and asphalt paving. Front Street will also be done.

In addition to returning your fair share of state tax dollars to your community, it also provides jobs.

[Note: Roads that connect one village to another such as Jerusalem Avenue and Fulton Avenue or Hempstead Village to Garden City, -- Clinton Street, - are not the responsibility of the local village. Thus, local taxpayers are not subject to the burden of the repair of these roads.]

We shall continue to advocate for your right to accessible, upgraded, well maintained inter-village connected roads.


I am delighted to report that children from the 18th AD will enjoy another summer camp experience through the Francis J. Logan, Jr. Foundation, Inc.

Camp Discovery Program received funds - $15,000 (2005) and $7,000 (2006) to assist in offsetting some of the costs associated with sending the children to camp upstate. This is a welcome, wholesome experience for the children.

Gretchen Taylor, Camp Administrator, expressed the need for this "summer relief" for the children and their delight in "going to camp."

Parents, supporters, teen advocates, family members and friends were on hand to see them off.

Harold Adams, President and Jacqueline Morgan, Vice President, expressed their gratitude to the Assemblywoman for the $22,000 in financial assistance.


Civic associations are an important instrument at the local level that address a myriad of civic concerns. I find these organizations a treasure of information and a vital part of organizing the neighborhood.

The Fairview Boulevard Civic Association is one of several such groups funded by Assemblywoman Hooper. This civic association is continuing its project of beautification.

Last year, decorative planter grates were installed around all the trees on the street. This spring, perennial flowers were planted within the grates. Within a year, Fairview Boulevard will be festooned with a unified picture of community beauty.

The Fairview Boulevard Civic Association Board of Directors, its President, Ron Mazile and Treasurer, Kareem Bailey, are to be commended.


Our final budget agreement addressed the burdensome issue of high property taxes. This first-step approach is in the form of a rebate check to be mailed to STAR-eligible homeowners.

Rebate checks will automatically be sent to recipients on or before October 31st. Only homeowners who are STAR-eligible for the 2006/2007 school year will receive a check.

Those homeowners who have not applied for STAR may complete an application form in order to qualify for the rebate.

Tentatively, application forms will be made available at the Tax Assessors office at 240 Old Country Road, (516) 571-2490.

Rebate check amounts will vary according to the specific school district. For the 18th AD, the average check will be approximately $199.

Assemblywoman Hooper with youth "off to camp" via The Francis J. Logan, Jr. Foundation. photo
Ron Mazile, President, Fairview Boulevard Civic Association, shows Assemblywoman plants that beautify the neighborhood. photo
Assemblywoman Hooper presents "Citizen of the Year" Award to Raphael Picon. Senor Picon has dedicated decades to the improvement of life of people in the Village community. His work at the Hempstead Hispanic Civic Association is a legacy for us to emulate. photo