Info on your property tax rebate from
Earlene Hooper

“Property taxes are much too high in Nassau County, which is why I fought so hard for property tax rebates. These rebates will make it easier for seniors to keep living in their homes. I’ll keep working to find ways to lower the tax burden for Nassau County.”

– Earlene Hooper

Your hard-earned money is on its way back to you

Earlene Hooper fought for – and won – property tax rebate checks in this year’s state budget. This is in addition to the Enhanced STAR benefit eligible homeowners already receive in the form of a reduction in their school property tax bill. So the question is, how do you get your rebate money?

Conveniently, seniors who receive Enhanced STAR will receive a rebate check automatically.

You must be a STAR recipient to get the rebate check; visit for information on how to enroll and an application.

Senior households that make more than $70,650 aren’t eligible for Enhanced STAR, but may apply for Basic STAR.


Easing the property tax burden

Earlene Hooper helped pass a final state budget that provides New York homeowners with $1.3 billion in property tax relief. To find out how much of a rebate you may be eligible to receive, visit or call 1-877-678-2769.

Assemblywoman Earlene Hooper
Assemblywoman Earlene Hooper
50 Clinton Street, Suite 214 • Hempstead, NY 11550