Assemblywoman Earlene Hooper Assemblywoman
Notice to
Village Residents

Assemblywoman Earlene Hooper $1,424,396.00 AVAILABLE NOW
Notice to Hempstead Village Residents
“Update of Funds Allocated”

This is a notice to all residents of the Village of Hempstead. This update is to apprise you of funds that I have made available and immediately accessible to the Village of Hempstead.

I attended the Village Meeting on Tuesday, December 18, 2007 at 7:00 P.M. However, the meeting dis-allowed any citizen to comment so I was not permitted to report this information at that meeting.


Date Available Amount Purpose

1. 2006/2007


Local streets and roads;
    2007/2008 $276,667.00 local streets and roads;
Total $580,960.00 local streets and roads.

2. Already Received
    by Hempstead Village


For municipal use: new street sweepers, new sanitation trucks (already on order), other municipal necessities.

3. Available Now (Voucher)


Coordinating Council of Civic Associations of Hempstead Village; Civic Association activities.

4. Already Received


Police vests for entire HPD.

5. 2008


Percy Jackson Youth Center (Time-Out Club);Renovations.

These are some of the funds I have made currently available to the Village of Hempstead. However, I am requesting that the Village Trustees pass the following resolution regarding the $580,960.00 for local streets and roads:

  1. All local streets and roads are to be of first quality (not the lowest bidder) and guaranteed by the contractor to be of good solid condition for twenty (20) years;

  2. All utilities, contractors, developers, etc., who must access the under-parts of our local streets, must repair to their “original” condition to present a seamless effect. A significant bond should be posted prior to their receiving a permit “to dig”. This bond should be sufficient to “REPAIR” the street and not simply a “fee to do business”.


I have made available additional funds that benefit Hempstead residents:

Date Available Amount Purpose

1. 2008

$2.5 million

New drive-way for
Nassau Community College

2. Now (Via Voucher)

$61 million

Nassau University Medical Center:
  1. New ER;

  2. New Hempstead Health Clinic;

  3. Special Clinic for illnesses reflected in the minority community – diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc. (to be located at NUMC).

I shall continue to work on behalf of the residents of our Village. As other funds come available, I shall attempt to report it to the Trustee Board, if permitted.