Assemblywoman Earlene Hooper Assemblywoman

Spring 2008

Message to the People

Message to the People

It is a distinct honor and privilege to serve the people of the largest incorporated village in the United States – The Village of Hempstead. There are many issues that confront us in this time of challenge and change. We, together, can handle these challenges and re-vitalize our great village.

I have obtained state funds for our local streets. I have already completed Fulton Street (a state road) with new drains, sewers, turning lanes, and delayed red/green lights that allow local residents easy entry/exit to their homes. This improvement also reduces the number of vehicular incidents at this intersection. This work was the result of eight million dollars ($8,000,000.00) I brought to the Village for state roads that run through the Village.

Legislation has been introduced to allow the Village to increase its housing stock, legally, with existing homes. (See A.10854, Pg. 2)

Free/low cost medical services are being established with funds I provided for a new health center and an MRI diagnostic center.

Our water problem is being addressed with state super funds that were enacted in 1979.

Our school system has been allocated additional funds above the state-aid formula and there is a bi-partisan effort to seek resolution to the school facility problem.

Much has been achieved and much more is to follow.

With your cooperation, bi-partisan input, I have no doubt Hempstead Village can rebound.

Governor Paterson Welcomed Home

photo Governor Paterson is welcomed home – to the Village of Hempstead – by L to R: Dr. Nathaniel Clay, Superintendent, Hempstead School District, The Rev. Dorothy LaPierre, Earlene Hooper, New York State Assemblywoman, David Paterson, Governor, New York State, Roger Corbin, Legislator, Nassau County.

The Village of Hempstead welcomed its favorite Son, David A. Paterson, Governor, New York State on Monday, May 5, 2008.

The governor lived in Hempstead Village, was educated at Little Red Train, Franklin Elementary School and was graduated from Hempstead High School. He earned his law degree from Hofstra University School of Law.

The governor visited the High School where he interacted with the students, gave them an encouraging speech and made himself available for photographs.

From the High School the governor was hosted by Antioch Baptist Church (The Rev. Dr. Philip Elliot, Pastor). The pride that our “favorite son” brings to Hempstead was elegantly demonstrated by the over-whelming reception of the governor.

Over seven hundred (700) people were enthusiastically in attendance, including every aspect of our community. All levels of government were, also, in attendance: federal, state and local.

Village Awarded $2.5 Million
Grant for Water-Works

The Village of Hempstead received a two and a half million dollar ($2,500,000.00) grant to assure clean, potable drinking water for its residents. The state super fund was enacted into law 1979 for local municipalities. The check was presented to the Village by the State Commissioner of Environment Conservation.

I am delighted that joint efforts result in positive outcomes for our village.

Village receives $2.5 million grant to clean-up the water. Shown L to R: Alexander “Pete” Grannis, Commissioner, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Assemblywoman Earlene Hooper, State Senator Kemp Hannon, Mayor Wayne Hall.

State Comptroller Attends Village Meeting

Thomas P. DiNapoli, New York State Comptroller attended a Hempstead Village meeting on March 12th.

The comptroller was invited by the assemblywoman to address state fiscal issues as they pertain to the Village of Hempstead.

The comptroller was able to ascertain funds available to the Village such as local street funds (CHIPS), and AIM dollars for the purpose of purchasing street sweepers, garbage trucks, etc.

The following funds are currently available for Village projects:

  • Local Streets and Roads - $300,368.00 for repair of local streets for 2008/09 out of a total of $550,960.00 from 2006-2007.

These funds do not include the $8 million already utilized to repair Fulton Avenue (new sewers, drains, turning lanes, traffic lights with delayed red and turn arrows.) This improvement reduces vehicular incidents and allows residents safer and easier entry/exit to their homes. Jerusalem Avenue was also done.

  • AIM to Purchase Village Equipment - $1,343,865.00 (2007/08: $641,463.00 and 2008/09: $702,402.00)

These funds are to assist municipalities with the purchase of equipment (street sweepers, sanitation trucks, snowplows, etc.) The 2008/09 budget gave the Village an increase of 9.5%, a total of $60,939 more than last year.

I have suggested to our village officials that all utilities, contractors, developers, etc., who must access the under-parts of our local streets, must restore them to their original good state (especially newly repaired roads) into a seamless effect.

Mayor Hall and I shall be meeting in the near future to discuss how we may jointly address this issue.

Legislation (A.10854) Permits Persons to Afford to STAY in Their One - Family Homes

I have introduced legislation that will permit owners of one-family houses to obtain a variance to legally allow second living quarters or rental space in their homes.

This legislation permits a municipality the authority to choose to allow owners to apply to have their houses codified for safe, taxable (to pay for additional services) income-generating quarters in their one-family home.

The purpose of this legislation is to:

  1. allow persons to remain in their homes and earn legal income to afford to remain in their home;

  2. provide the municipality the authority to monitor the safety of the living quarters:

  3. collect appropriate taxes for local services provided to that home (sanitation, water, education, etc.);

  4. address one aspect of our housing shortage.

The additional tax revenue should allow the Village the ability to hire the required number of inspectors to assure all codes are in effect. This also provides additional village jobs for local residents.

Over $91 Million for Hempstead Schools

The Hempstead School district will receive over ninety-one million dollars ($91,000,000.00) in the 2008/09 state budget. This increase of about fifteen million two hundred thousand dollars ($15,200,000.00) is the largest in the history of the district. Working with Senator Kemp Hannon, the hard fight for these much deserved and needed funds will assist in educating our students to be able to compete in a global economy, in the work-force and beyond.

Assemblywoman Tours Hempstead
School District Facilities (Portables)

The Assemblywoman and State Senator Hannon toured the Hempstead School district facilities (portables). The purpose of the tour was to obtain a concrete, visual assessment of the environment where our children are being educated.

The outcome of our tour is to begin to seek resolutions to the physical plant in the district. Portables/trailers are not an acceptable environment for teaching or learning. We understand that in order for our children to be educated well, they must have proper buildings and equipment to do so.

We look forward to working with the elected officials in the school district towards that goal.

Assemblywoman Hooper and Senator Hannon toured the Hempstead School District facilities (portables). Accompanying them were L to R: Ronsard “Ron” Mazile, The Rev. Dorothy LaPierre, Assemblywoman Hooper, Charles Renfroe, President, Hempstead School Board, JoAnn Simmons, Trustee, Board of Education, John Reinhart, Assistant Director of Facilities, Hempstead School District, Andre Huff, Director, Percy Jackson Youth Center.

MOU Identifies Brownfield
Opportunity Area ($67,500)

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed that identifies brownfield opportunity areas (BOA) grants that will flow through community based organizations (CBO)

In the Village of Hempstead, the sixty-seven thousand five hundred dollars ($67,500.00) will flow through Hempstead Heights Civic Association LCD and Sustainable Long Island to complete a Pre-Nomination Study for a 2-mile long corridor of Franklin Street. This area has a potential of forty (40) brownfield sites.

For details call (518) 455-4363.

Request to Increase Aid
to Full-Service Villages

I have requested an increase in the base aid to large, distressed, full-service (Hempstead) Villages.

This request, if granted, would become a permanent category to assist these municipalities.

The Village of Hempstead has a larger population than some small cities, yet, receives less aid. This increased funding request of one million ($1,000,000.00) additional (AIM) dollars would make Hempstead’s per cap equitable to wealthy, but smaller cities.

Hempstead Police Department
to Get Defibrillators

The Hempstead police department is now better protected with the new vests that the eighty-six thousand dollar ($86,000.00) grant provided.

Now, we, in the Village can feel a bit safer: The HPD is receiving a twenty-five thousand dollar ($25,000.00) grant to purchase defibrillators. These machines have saved many lives; now our “finest” are equipped to serve and save even better.


Officials gather to observe lease signing of new health center at 131 Main Street. The MRI diagnostic center to open soon. Shown L to R: Mayor Wayne Hall, Art Gianelli, CEO, Nassau University Medical Center, Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, Legislator Roger Corbin, State Senator Hannon, Assemblywoman Hooper.

Students from Franklin School (Hempstead School District) join officials as the Village receives $2.5 million for water clean-up project. Elected officials shown: Don Ryan, Trustee, Village of Hempstead, JoAnn Simmons, Trustee, Board of Education, Alexander “Pete” Grannis, Commissioner, New York State Environmental Conservation, Assemblywoman Earlene Hooper, Senator Kemp Hannon, Mayor Wayne Hall, Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby.