Summer 2008
Message to the People

Assemblywoman Earlene Hooper
What an incredible session!! The 2008 session was replete with surprises, changes, challenges and a variety of issues that all require priority.

We, in the assembly, are undaunted. We face reality, accept the challenge, roll up our sleeves and work, work, work for our constituents.

Some of the issues we were able to address, but not limited, are:

  • Providing quality health care to nursing home residents;

  • Restoration of four hundred eight million ($408 million) in Medicaid;

  • Protecting and improving child health plus and EPIC;

  • $129 million for hospital initiatives;

  • created a prescription drug assistance program: discount card, rebate funds to retailers or individuals;

  • restores $38.4 million to SUNY and $19.6 million to CUNY;

  • $5 million for nursing education;

  • EOP, HEOP, SEEK, Library Partnership funds restored;

  • $1.75 billion (state-wide) for education: ALL districts receive at least a 3% increase;

  • BOCES aid restored - $78 million;

  • $25 million (state-wide) the assembly created Subprime Foreclosure Prevention Services Program to provide counseling, mediation and legal representation ($100,000) to ACORN for this project.

  • Modified the foreclosure process providing a 90-day pre-foreclosure notice to alert borrowers and allow them time to get help and

  • Protections for future home-owners.

This has been a very busy session as we confronted the issues and obstacles that plague our constituents in this “trying” economy. Although we were able to accomplish the above, it is a small step in the right direction.

Our next great challenge is to reduce the tax burden on all of us taxpayers.

Governor Paterson
Welcomed Home

David Paterson, Governor, New York State lived and was educated in the Village of Hempstead with his family.

As a young boy, the governor’s mother was adamant that her visually-challenged son would receive a well-rounded education in a normal class-room environment. (This was “pre-main-stream” requirement).

The Paterson family moved to Carolina Avenue (now David Paterson Way) in the Village and was enrolled in Franklin and Fulton elementary Schools after completing kindergarten at Little Red Train.

His education was continued at Hempstead High School where he was graduated. Upon earning his degree from Columbia University, he returned to his home-village to attend Hofstra University School of Law.

On May 5th the Village of Hempstead and the Hempstead School district were honored and proud to welcome home their “favorite son.”

The Hempstead Village Police Honor Guard, the Nassau County Bag-Pipe Players serenaded the governor at the Antioch Baptist Church of Hempstead, Pastor, the Rev. Dr. Philip Elliott.


Prior to the church-welcome, Governor Paterson visited Hempstead High school where he was greeted by the school band, many local dignitaries, school administrators, staff and students.

The governor encouraged the students that there is no obstacle that could prevent their achieving their desired goals if they persist and never take “you can not” for an answer.

Governor Paterson is welcomed at the High School library by the Assemblywoman and Dr. Daniel Bythewood, a former Hempstead resident as a youth.

Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC) Enhances/Improves Health Care Service Delivery


Assemblywoman Hooper was instrumental in providing sixty-one million dollars ($61,000,000.00) to NUMC for the purpose of improving and enhancing health care service delivery to Nassau County residents.

Under the leadership of Art Gianelli, CEO, the hospital is in the process of upgrading the emergency room.

In the Villages of Hempstead and Roosevelt, new, full-service health centers are under contract. In addition, an MRI diagnostic center is being located in the Village of Hempstead.

These facilities will serve as a catalyst for improved comprehensive health and diagnostic services for this vulnerable population.

The locations of each center will provide easy access to patients who are under-insured, not-insured and presented with a disparity in health care.

The site of the new Hempstead Health Center on Main Street. This is funded by the funds ($61 million) the Assemblywoman acquired for the hospital.

L to R: Art Gianelli, CEO, Nassau University Medical Center, Carolyn McCarthy, 4th CD, Roger Corbin, 2nd CLD, Kemp Hannon, 6th SD, Earlene Hooper, 18th AD.

Long Island Arts Council
at Freeport Gets Grant

The New York State council on the Arts seeks to give help to communities to allow them to maintain their unique identities and economic force via the arts. I am proud to have been instrumental in sustaining this cultural necessity through grants and technical assistance.

The Long Island Arts Council at Freeport will receive a twenty thousand eight-hundred dollar ($20,800.00) grant for general operating support.

The Long Island Arts Council at Freeport is located at 130 East Merrick Road, Freeport, New York 11520, telephone (516) 223-2522 or fax (516) 223-6991. The Executive Director is Marnie Katzman.

State Budget Delivers Over $300 Million for Housing Needs State-Wide and 6 New Single-Family Homes Planned for Roosevelt

The final state budget provides $303 million to help stabilize the state’s housing market, provide more affordable, supportive and workforce housing and combat sub-prime lending. This reflects an additional $200 million the assembly was able to secure in addition to the executive budget’s proposed $103 million.

Even in these tough economic times, housing is one area we absolutely cannot afford to ignore in our community. This funding is sorely needed for housing initiatives.

The funding provides $6 million for homeownership and economic stabilization for Long Island.

The budget also supplies $25 million for the Assembly-created Subprime Foreclosure Prevention Services Program. The program offers grants to non-profit organizations and legal service providers to provide counseling, mediation and legal representation to victims of sub-prime lending facing default or foreclosure.

With thousands of New York households in default or foreclosure, inaction is a luxury we simply cannot afford. This money will help ensure at-risk homeowners have a lifeline.

An additional $100 million in capital assistance is provided for the following programs:

  • Low Income Housing Trust Fund - $31 million

  • Affordable Housing Corporation - $20 million

  • Homes for Working Families - $10 million

  • Homeless Housing Assistance - $6.5 million

  • Rural Areas Revitalization - $6 Million

  • Public Housing Modernization - $5 million

  • Infrastructure Development Demonstration - $5 million

  • Main Street Program - $5 million

  • Access to Homes - $4 million

  • HOPE/Restore - $4 million

  • Urban Initiatives - $3.5 million

We need to maximize available housing in New York. In an uncertain economy, responsible, efficient solutions are critical – and that’s just what these programs provide.

Finally, the Assemblywoman is working with the New York State Housing Authority to obtain funds for six (6) new single-family homes in Roosevelt.

New Veteran’s Benefits

Veteran’s benefits for higher education were increased in the 08/09 budget.

The higher benefits are an effort to address the disparity between former benefits and the increased cost of education.

Our Veterans have given more than we can return in gratitude, so this is more than deserving of our fine men and women of the military.

To access these benefits call toll free Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) at 1-888-697-4372.

Grant for West Hempstead
and Lakeview Auxiliary Police

The West Hempstead and Lakeview communities are serviced by volunteers of the Nassau County Auxiliary Police Unit 116. Their unselfish support provides these communities with emergency services and play an integral role in crime prevention.

The unit is in need of emergency safety equipment, funds for utility charges at the headquarters and communication services.

A five thousand dollar ($5,000.00) grant has been provided by the Assemblywoman to alleviate these costs.

We need the continued service of this most worthy volunteer group.

State Budget Restores cuts to Homes
and Services for the Aging

One of the most valuable services we can offer to those who have contributed so much to society-the aging – is to ensure they are being cared for in a safe and secure environment.

The New York Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (NYAHSA) provides resources and information to nursing homes to assure this goal.

The nursing homes were facing devastating cuts which would have imperiled the quality of care to this fragile segment of our community.

Thus, the 2008/09 budget restored the almost $300 million cuts, preventing staff reductions, addressing transportation and energy costs, restrictions on admissions and a plethora of ancillary negative impacts.

We, in the assembly, shall continue to work towards the assurance of protection for our nursing homes.

Baldwin School District:
State Aid Lowers Tax Levy

The 2008/09 State School aid to the Baldwin School district has made a significant impact on the taxpayers. The 10.2% increase enabled the district to lower its tax levy from 4.54% to 2.17%. The much needed tax relief will support the district’s spending plan and continue to provide quality education to the students.

This effort will assist the students realize an education worthy of tomorrow’s world-wide competition.

This is a first step in my quest to address the overwhelming tax burden on all of us.

Assemblywoman Affords Higher Education Opportunity to Roosevelt Senior

Roosevelt High School senior, Daniel Rivera, begins his college education at Nassau Community College in July 2008.

The Assemblywoman was introduced to Daniel as he represented the school district at the annual “Somos conference” in Albany.

As Daniel chatted with the Assemblywoman, it became apparent that this exceptionally gifted youth had concluded he could not afford to go to college – a long felt desire.

photo Assemblywoman Hooper shares a moment at “Somos Conference” with Daniel Rivera.

A meeting was held at the Roosevelt High School with representatives from various professions to assist Daniel further his education.

Vice President Craig Wright of Nassau Community College assisted Daniel in admission to the school; the New York State Legislative Hispanic Task Force will provide him employment at a local business; Nassau County Department of Human Resources has agreed to assist Daniel with housing; the Hispanic Counseling Center is offering multi-services and metro cards for transportation to the college.

The Assemblywoman presented Daniel with a two thousand dollar ($2,000.00) scholarship that she obtained from the New York State Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators, Inc. to get him started.

We look forward to this young man becoming a success and ultimately helping someone else.

$5,000 for East Meadow
Library Concert Series

The East Meadow Public Library will present a concert series with a five thousand dollar ($5,000.00) grant from the Assemblywoman.

The library, located at 1886 Front Street, East Meadow provides a full-spectrum of informational, research, technical services with its state-of-the-art facility. The concert series is an added cultural experience for the community to enjoy.


Assemblywoman Hooper attends the Nassau Alumnae Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Youth Conference for the del-teens.

Shown are Assemblywoman Earlene Hooper, Pamela Washington, President, Nassau Alumnae Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and Roberta London, Past Chair, Delta Minerva Life Development Center, Inc.

The Assemblywoman is a Delta.

photo Assemblywoman accepts award from Geraldine and Ron Clahar, Founders, Pat Kam School, Uniondale.


The Assemblywoman joined U.S. Senator Charles “Chuck” Schumer who presented a forum on Minority Males Re-introduction Into Society Through Meaningful Training for Employment.

The Senator was hosted by the Rev. Dr. Calvin Butts, President, Old Westbury College.

photo Assemblywoman Hooper was the Keynote Speaker at the graduation ceremony of SUNY, Albany, School of Social Welfare. Shown with the Assemblywoman are two graduates.

photo Assemblywoman greets Hempstead Police Chief, Joseph B. Wing and Officer Paul Bell to Albany. The purpose of their visit was to support legislation to “ID” bullets in order to solve crimes more swiftly.

photo The Assemblywoman tours the Hempstead Village Water Works. The Village has received a two million three hundred sixty-four thousand dollar ($2,364,000.00) state grant to assure Hempstead residents have safe water.

Providing information to the Assemblywoman are Trustee Perry Pettus and Michael Taylor, Supervisor, Hempstead Water Works.