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Assemblywoman Solages has been working vehemently on creating new legislation for mothers. The benefits of breastfeeding are well-documented, but stigmas and legislative blocks stand in the way of allowing mothers to freely partake in this natural process. Assemblywoman Solages has been the a pioneer in creating beneficial and inclusive legislation for mothers.

Same as: S.6583 (Hannon)
Bill Summary: Provides medical assistance coverage for the cost of donor breast milk which is medically necessary for certain prematurely born infants.

Same as: None
Bill Summary: Requires human breast milk banks, companies and cooperatives to comply with certain standards and provides for education and support of certain breastfeeding mothers.

Same as: None
Bill Summary: Relates to reimbursement for donor human breast milk.

Same as: S.6026 (Kennedy)
Bill Summary: Mandates the provision of lactation accommodations in airports.

Same as: None
Bill Summary: This bill would require lactation rooms in all New York State public buildings as well as a list available to the public presenting available lactation rooms for mother in the specified buildings.

Same as: S.05473 (Hoylman)
Bill Summary: This bill provides equal access to diaper changing tables in restrooms in public buildings regardless of the gender for which the restroom is designed.

Same as: None
Bill Summary: This bill evaluates access to child care and the economic benefits of investing in child care programs, specifically in low-income neighborhoods. This bill would require the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) to select five economically distressed areas to evaluate child care programs intended to serve low-income families.

Same as: S02507 (Parker)
Bill Summary: This bill enables parents an opportunity to attend their child's school related functions during work hours that cannot be scheduled during non-work hours. By amending Section 1 of the Labor law, this bill would be providing parents a 16-hour leave of absence from work to attend any school related events.

For more information, including bill numbers, bill text, sponsors' memos, votes, and bill status, the Assembly website includes a "New York State Bill Search" function, found at:

These bills are a massive step forward in the process to reforming legislation to accommodate the needs of both expecting women and current mothers across the state.