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New York Milk Bank

When a baby is first born, it is essential for the child to be breastfed. As mothers learn about pregnancy and childbirth prior to having a baby, it is important to provide moms-to-be with the right information, resources, and implements about breastfeeding before becoming a new mom.

Breastfeeding not only provides an intimate connection between the mother and her baby, but also has many other health benefits. Breastfed babies typically get sick less sick as the risks of ear infections, diarrhea, and stomach problems are decreased. When mothers first start to breastfeed, their breast milk is known to be "liquid gold" as it contains calcium, potassium, proteins, minerals, and antibodies necessary for a child's survival. Not only that, but breastfeeding has healing properties. It can help fend off infections and cut down on swelling in the breast. Breastfeeding is important not only for the baby, but also for the mother.

New York State has become a vocal proponent from women's breastfeeding rights as it became the first state to ratify breastfeeding laws. To take it one step further, we now have a New York Milk Bank.

The New York Milk Bank is a non-profit committed to providing nourishing breast milk to premature babies who desperately are in need of the milk. In many cases, a mother's own milk may be unavailable or insufficient for a newborn, this is where pasteurized donor human milk is provided. The New York Milk Bank handles every process of milk collection. They ensure the safety and quality control of collection, processing, tracking and feeding of pasteurized donor human milk. The Milk Bank actively takes part in different New York communities by endorsing breast milk collection sites, known as milk depots. In Assemblywoman Solages' district, she helped create the first milk depot on Long Island. Working side by side with local hospitals, the organization transforms policies and procedures to make milk donation easy, comfortable, and user-friendly.

To be part of this advocacy movement and make a difference in someone's life, reach the New York Milk Bank at PO Box 125 Ardsley-on-Hudson, NY 10503 or at 914-487-4812.