Phil Goldfeder
the MTA payroll tax

“Exempting our schools from the MTA payroll tax is the right thing to do.
Our children deserve the absolute best education we have to offer and with this new law we can finally put an end to the MTA picking the pockets of Queens schools.”
– Phil Goldfeder

Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder
Cutting the MTA payroll tax
provides relief to over 700,000 small businesses and self-employed New Yorkers.
The new law will:
  • EXEMPT all public and private elementary and secondary schools from paying the tax
  • ELIMINATE the tax for small businesses with annual payrolls of less than $1.25 million

  • ELIMINATE the tax for the self-employed who earn less than $50,000 per year

  • REDUCE the tax for companies with payrolls less than $1.75 million

Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder
“Slashing the MTA payroll tax is good for taxpayers and good for small businesses – which create 8 out of every 10 jobs.”
— Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder
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