Assemblymember Weprin works to strengthen
New York’s rent laws and protect tenants’ rights

Assemblymember Weprin helped pass a comprehensive package of bills this year that would keep rent costs down and families in their homes.
The Assembly’s rent-regulation
legislation would:
  • make sure rent-controlled apartments are subject to the same cost calculation as rent-stabilized apartments, saving more tenants money

  • require that rent surcharges authorized for major capital improvements stop when the cost of the improvement has been recovered

  • reduce the amount of rent increases after a vacancy from 20 percent to 10 percent and limit the number of allowable increases per year

  • protect tenants living in former Mitchell-Lama buildings that have undergone a voluntary dissolution, regardless of the date of initial occupation

  • extend rent and eviction protections to tenants living in former federal Section 8 projects and multiple dwellings that are covered by the New York City Rent Stabilization Law

  • limit a landlord’s ability to take possession of multiple units for their own primary residence by permitting recovery of only one unit, and restricting that ability if the tenant has occupied the apartment for 20 or more years

  • extend from 3 years to 6 years the length of time a landlord must own the rental property before the owner is eligible to apply for a hardship rent adjustment

  • prohibit a rent guidelines board from adjusting rent in the absence of legislative authorization

  • require city council consent to mayoral appointments to the rent guidelines board

  • repeal state and city laws that remove apartments from rent stabilization or rent control when those apartments are vacated and could be rented under such statutes for monthly rents of $2,000 or more

  • require an owner of a rent-regulated unit to comply with an order issued more than 4 years prior to an overcharge complaint if the order has not been revoked

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