3 Ways to Save:
  1. Regular benefits

    Regular HEAP benefits range from $20 to $450 and are based on income, the home’s primary fuel source (such as oil, gas, propane or kerosene) and the number and ages of household members.

  2. Emergency benefits

    Emergency benefits are available for those who are eligible for HEAP and have an energy-related emergency such as a power shutoff, dangerously low levels of oil or propane or low supplies of wood or coal.

  3. Furnace repair or replacement

    The HEAP furnace repair or replacement component is available to help low-income homeowners repair or replace furnaces, boilers and other direct-heating elements necessary to keep the home’s primary heating source functional.

Interested in applying?
Apply for HEAP by mail or in person.
To find out if you qualify, contact:
NYC Human Resources Administration
HEAP Office

Applications can be mailed to:
HEAP, PO Box 1401 Church St. Station
New York, NY 10008
For more information, please visit

Assemblyman Ed Braunstein
213-33 39th Avenue, Suite 238, Bayside, NY 11361
718-357-3588 braunsteine@assembly.state.ny.us