Assemblyman Hevesi
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Dear Neighbor,

I would like to take a moment to tell you about some of the more notable events that occurred in this year’s legislative session and in our community.

The 2006 legislature produced an on-time budget for the second year in a row which included crucially important capital construction money for schools in the 28th Assembly District. We also passed a number of important pieces of criminal justice legislation, including the elimination of the statute of limitations on rape and sexual assault, as well as the expansion of the state’s DNA data base to include all perpetrators convicted of felonies and the most pervasive misdemeanors.

I would also like to report that the first two bills I authored, which increase penalties for violators of orders of protection in Domestic Violence cases, have passed both houses of the legislature and will become law with the governor’s signature in the next few months.

On the local level, I am pleased to introduce two new community-based programs: the Stop Graffiti Program and the Child Safety Initiative.

I would like to remind you that in addition to our regular office hours, my office continues to remain open every Thursday evening until 7 p.m. and my staff and I are now available to bring our services to your building. As always, I invite you to use the response card on the back page to share any issues or concerns you may have. Please feel free to schedule an appointment to meet with me.

I thank you again for allowing me the privilege of serving as your representative in the state legislature.

Andrew Hevesi

(718) 263-5687
Residents of our community are encouraged to call our new graffiti hotline. My office will coordinate free cleanup of the site. Before the site is cleaned each location will be photographed by my staff to assist in the prosecution of the vandals. Evidence collection is coordinated with the Queens County District Attorney’s office and local Police Precincts.

Child Safety Initiative
New Program Gives
Parents Peace of Mind

I am pleased to announce a new service my office is providing: the Children’s Safety Initiative. After consulting with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, my office will now be providing free safety identification cards. This program is designed to ensure that your child’s vital information is readily accessible in case of emergency.

child safety card

The information on the Child Safety Card includes the child’s name, picture, weight, hair and eye color and distinguishing marks. All other pertinent information is intentionally omitted from the card. In the event a child is lost, this information will be easily available to be given to authorities and others assisting in the search.

My staff and I are able to create and dispense these cards, free of charge, at my district office or at others venues or events you think may be appropriate. Please feel free to contact us at (718) 263-5595 about this simple way to enhance the safety of the children in our community.

Hevesi’s Office Brings Services Directly To Buildings

A number of residents in the 28th Assembly District have indicated through our response cards that it is difficult to find the time to come to my district office to share their concerns. In order to make it as easy as possible for constituents to reach me and take advantage of my offices programs, my staff and I have begun to bring our services to local buildings. We are available to set up in the lobby of your building for several hours to hear your concerns about the community or state government. We are also able to produce free Senior Medical Identification Cards and Child Safety Identification Cards on the spot.

Through this initiative we have reached many constituents in buildings throughout the district. If you are interested in having us come to your building call Roman Paprocki, in my office at (718) 263-5595.

2006 Legislative Update

Assemblyman Hevesi has co-sponsored 63 pieces of legislation in 2006. Below are some of the most significant. If you would like more information on bills supported by the Assemblyman please contact our district office at (718) 263-5595.

A9472 Requires level one sex offenders to register for 20 years and level two sex offenders to register for life; eliminates the petition for relief for level three sex offenders, sexual predators, sexually violent offenders and predicate sex offenders
A5574E Requires pharmaceutical drug manufacturers and wholesalers to annually disclose all gifts to health care practitioners
A6287-A Establishes an independent reapportionment commission to propose district boundaries for Congress, State Senate and Assembly districts every ten years following the U.S. Census
A1898D Enacts the "anti-human trafficking act of 2006," creates several crimes addressing trafficking a person for labor or sexual servitude
A9567A Enacts "Nixzmary’s Law" to establish the class A-I felony of aggravated murder of a child for which the sentence shall be life imprisonment without parole
A9227 Amends the constitution to delete the requirement that registration for purposes of voting be completed at least ten days before election day and provides that laws be made to adequately safeguard against deception in the exercise of the right of suffrage
A12012 Eliminates the statute of limitations for rape, criminal sexual act, aggravated sexual abuse and course of sexual conduct against a child in the first degree

"2006 State Budget Gives Fair Share to Schools in the 28th AD"
ny state

For the second year in a row, the Legislature passed an on-time budget and this year’s version addressed the serious shortfalls in State funding for New York City Public Schools. Our children were clearly the winners as $1.8 billion was allocated on top of regular building aid to modernize school facilities. The Legislature also changed the State Education Aid formula to the benefit of New York City school children, directing more than $500 million in additional aid to the Department of Education’s operating budget. Much of this funding will go toward reducing class size in critically overcrowded classrooms. Another $25 million of this aid was directed specifically to expanding universal pre-K classes, enabling the city to serve an additional 7,400 four year olds.

This year’s State Budget is just the beginning. With the long-term commitment of funds to satisfy the Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE) decision, New York City can now implement an $11.2 billion dollar school construction plan over the next five years. Our community benefits directly as several renovation, improvement and expansion projects can now move forward. In the 28th Assembly District, work will begin at PS 128, PS 49 and IS 119. Funding is also now in place for the Metro-Woodhaven school complex. I was pleased to be a part of crafting a budget that looked to the future and addressed the needs of our children.

photo Assemblyman Hevesi presents a proclamation to retiring 112th Precinct Community Affairs Officer Debbie DiMarino. photo Rabbi Levy of the Middle Village Adult Center and Assemblyman Hevesi help celebrate Volunteer Bill Schoenmuller’s Birthday.
Assemblyman Hevesi with the "Little Stars" of the Greater Ridgewood Youth Council. photo

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Have an idea you would like to share with me? Many of the laws now on the books began as ideas expressed by private citizens. Although the process by which an idea is translated into law needs to be deliberate, I would be pleased to hear your suggestions. I would also appreciate your thoughts on how my office may serve you or our community. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and contact me. I will be pleased to hear from you.

District office phone number: 718-263-5595
Or mail this response card to: Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi
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