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Dear Constituent,

The 2004 Legislative year has brought forth many important and challenging issues for the State Legislature to address. I am honored to represent the 31st Assembly District, both in our State Capitol and right here in our Community.

This newsletter provides you with some of the upcoming issues our state is facing. It also provides you with the opportunity of helping to shape those issues. Please take a moment to complete the questionnaire on the back so I can have the benefit of your views.

My District Office is located at 19-31 Mott Avenue, Room 301 to serve our community. Please feel free to contact me or my staff on any business day from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm. We will be pleased to assist you.

Michele R. Titus
Member of Assembly

For far too long, New York City schools have been shorthanded by an inadequate, archaic and unfair system that threatened to undermine our children’s constitutional right to a sound education. The Court of Appeals agreed our schools are under funded and ordered the development of a plan to correct the school aid formula.

As the state endeavors to comply with the legal mandate, I will continue my efforts not only to insure that our schools receive their fair share of education resources but that those new dollars are spent wisely. Studies prove that early childhood education, smaller class sizes, teacher training, computer technology are a few of the immediate needs in our schools. As your representative and as a mother, I am proud of the Assembly’s leadership in providing universal Pre-K. Our successful early education programs are helping our students meet the higher academic standards.

Let me take this opportunity to implore and thank all those parents and guardians to continue your active role and participation in our children. The fight continues……..

Assemblywoman Titus pictured with parents and students from 31st Assembly District


I sponsored the Assembly’s comprehensive job plan, NY@Work, which will create tens of thousands of jobs, help expand businesses, spur entrepreneurship and leave New Yorkers better prepared to compete in today’s high-tech economy.

NY@Work is what our state needs to revitalize a struggling economy and meet the challenges of a changing business environment. The Assembly is earmarking nearly $525 million for the plan, which will help bring a focus to economic development efforts by reforming Empire Zones, training individuals, investing in capital projects that create jobs and supporting community based economic development initiatives.

For nine straight years, the governor has failed to provide New Yorkers with a compelling vision for our economic future, not to mention a cure for our present fiscal ills. In fact, had the state’s employment grown at the same rate as the nation’s between January 1995 and December 2003, New York would have created 432,900 additional jobs.

This Job Plan overhauls the state’s NY @Work, overhauls the State’s economic development bureaucracy and enacts major programmatic reforms. It also provides for comprehensive workforce education and training while laying the foundation for economic growth by ensuring that our children receive a quality education that will prepare them for the technology driven jobs of the 21st Century. By making wise investments in strategic industries through the use of existing resources, NY @Work also ensures that the taxpayers will receive the best return on their investment.


In the 2004-2005 State Budget, the Governor plans to cut $60 million from EPIC-which would drive pharmacies out of the program and make prescription drugs less available to seniors. As your Assemblywoman, I will continue to work hard to help provide seniors with affordable prescription drugs by expanding the income eligibility levels for EPIC and simplifying the programs fee structure.

The Governor also threatens senior citizens long-term care benefits by making it harder for most to qualify. Currently, assets transferred by a senior citizen within a three year period may count in determining the amount of coverage eligibility rates. I oppose the Governor’s proposal to expand the transfer period to five years for determining benefit eligibilty. By delaying the long-term care many seniors depend on, and requiring people of modest means to impoverish themselves, or pressuring family members to assume the heavy financial burden of caring for loved ones is just not right.

I will continue to fight for the rights of our seniors and challenge any proposal that threatens the quality of life of senior citizens in our district.


As the State Legislature continues working through its 2004 Session, it is of great importance for me to know the special concerns of the people in our District. I would be most grateful if you would take a few moments to complete the following survey. Your responses will greatly assist me. Thank you in advance for your time and input.

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    Respondent I Respondent II
    Yes No Yes No
Has public education improved since Michael Bloomberg became Mayor?
Is the smoking ban in restaurants and bars a good thing?
Should gay and lesbians be able to marry in the same way as heterosexual couples?
Do you support term limits for all elected public officials?
Should we limit spending on political campaigns by enacting Public Campaign Financing?
Should government enact more tax cuts even if it means cutting city and state services?
Do you feel safer on the streets than you did ten years ago?
Should government reimburse parents who send their children to private or parochial schools?
Has subway and bus service improved during the past ten years?


  Respondent I Respondent II
  Good Fair Poor Good Fair Poor
President George W. Bush
Senator Charles Schumer
Senator Hillary Clinton
Governor George Pataki
Attorney General Eliot Spitzer
State Comptroller Alan Hevesi
Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum
NYC Comptroller Bill Thompson
Congressman Gregory Meeks
Assemblywoman Michele Titus

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