on you.

Every 10 years the Census Bureau takes a detailed tally of the entire population that impacts everything from funding for schools and hospitals to your representation in government. Make sure you’re counted!

Timeline of events

Now Recruitment for local census jobs
Spring 2009 Census employees go door-to-door to update address lists
Fall 2009 Recruitment begins for census-takers
Feb.-March 2010 Census questionnaires mailed or delivered
April 1, 2010 Census Day – Send in your census form and be counted!
April-July 2010 Census-takers visit households that did not respond
Dec. 2010 Census Bureau delivers population data to President Obama
March 2011 Census Bureau completes delivery of redistricting data to states

If you’re interested in working on the 2010 Census, call the Census Bureau at 1-800-861-2010 or visit www.census.gov/hrd/www/

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