Assemblywoman Clark: Urges Eligible Youth to Apply Early For the Summer Youth Employment Program as Deadline Approaches
Applications for NYC Summer Youth Employment Program available online today

Queens Village, NY - Spring may have just begun, but rest assured, before long June and July will be here.

That means fun, vacations and beaches for most - and for some of our more ambitious young people, summer jobs. Participants can be placed in many different types of jobs, at employers ranging from nonprofit agencies to retail stores. Employers who participate get extra summer help for free - the city pays the minimum wage salaries - in exchange for hiring, supervising and helping to train the young people.

Applications for the 2012 Summer Youth Employment Program became available online today for those between the ages of 14 and 24. Those interested can also visit summer employment Facebook page. The candidates for employment are selected through a lottery system and applicants are urged to apply as soon as possible. The deadline to submit applications is May 18, 2012.

Participants work in a variety of entry-level jobs at government agencies, hospitals, summer camps, nonprofits, small businesses, law firms, museums, sports enterprises, and retail organizations. According to Assemblywoman Clark, "For many young people, the jobs allow them to help their families make ends meet, pay for groceries and bills. Others are able to save up for a car or college, or invest their money. The program also includes an educational component, including some job and financial literacy training".

The application deadline to submit is May 18; the jobs pay $7.25 an hour for up to 25 hours per week.

Research shows that work experience during the teenage years leads to positive labor market outcomes. SYEP also helps promote crucial soft skills including discipline, time management and working relationships with supervisors and peers. In addition, SYEP helps to stimulate the economy, with the City's SYEP participants earning $48.5 million in wages in the summer of 2009. SYEP employees are also critical for the nonprofit community, which depends on SYEP participants to staff their summer day camps. These summer camps, in turn, are a crucial resource for thousands of working parents.

In 2011, the Department of Youth & Community Development employed 30,628 participants and placed them at 5,732 worksites. According to Assemblywoman Clark, "SYEP is critical for young people and families at a time of unprecedented national teen unemployment and underemployment" According to the Department of Labor, unemployment among the state's youth is more than 25 percent, with minority youth facing unemployment rates of up to 40 percent. Ten community-based providers in Queens are assisting with recruitment, enrollment and support services (see below).