Important news about lower prescriptions
from Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan

Find out about prescription drug savings with the new
federal Medicare drug discount cards and EPIC

Dear Friend:

Each day, we hear about new prescription drugs that promise to fight illnesses and ailments that not too long ago were debilitating or even fatal.

Those drugs allow us to lead fuller, healthier lives, and give us quality time to spend with family and friends. The problem is that those lifesaving drugs can be incredibly expensive, forcing seniors to decide whether or not they can even afford them.

With the new federal Medicare drug discount card and EPIC, seniors here will soon be able to save money on certain prescription medications. Lower-income seniors may also be eligible for a $600 prescription drug credit as well, along with a waiver of EPIC enrollment fees.

The Assembly will continue to fight for further benefits that will enhance the health and well-being of senior citizens.

Catherine Nolan
Member of Assembly

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Save money on your prescriptions

Thanks to the Assembly and our Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage program, seniors in New York have had a lot of help in the fight against escalating prescription drug prices. Starting June 1, they can get even more help with the new federal Medicare prescription drug discount card program.

The Assembly recently passed a law that will automatically enroll eligible low-income seniors who currently take part in EPIC in the federal drug discount card program, helping make enrollment in the new program a seamless transition. EPIC will automatically enroll eligible seniors in the Medicare-approved card offered by First Health Services.

Seniors are under no obligation to join the new program. However, it has a number of new benefits that could help seniors save.

Apart from drug discounts, eligible low-income seniors – single people with annual incomes up to $12,569, or married couples with annual incomes up to $16,862 – can also receive a $600 annual credit to help defray prescription drug costs. That’s available even if seniors are enrolled in EPIC as well.

EPIC will waive its enrollment fees for seniors who are eligible for the $600 low-income credit. That alone could save more than $50 per person for singles and more than $100 for couples.

EPIC enrollees not eligible for the $600 credit may want to consider the new discount cards as an alternative to EPIC for certain drug costs, although in most cases, the EPIC program is likely to offer greater savings.

If you qualify for the $600 credit and are already enrolled in EPIC, you don’t have to do anything to get these great savings.

Your discount card should have come by the beginning of June. With the new card:

  • You can keep your EPIC coverage and get the same medication you use now
  • You won’t have to pay your annual EPIC enrollment fee
  • Your EPIC co-payments will be lower in most cases when you buy drugs with the $600 Medicare credit

For more information, contact the EPIC hotline at 1-800-332-EPIC, or visit