fought to put
hundreds of dollars
back in
your pocket.

Our tax relief plan

$ Makes clothing under $110 tax free, saving New York City shoppers about $230 million a year

$ Cuts taxes $1.6 billion this year and $2.5 billion next year

$ Increases the New York City STAR personal income tax credit from $62.50 to $115 for single filers and from $125 to $230 for joint filers, saving New York City residents an additional $210 million for a total savings of $462 million

$ Reduces the marriage penalty, saving married couples $41 million annually when fully phased in

A child tax credit for working families

With a maximum benefit of $330 for each child between 4 and 17 for every family in the state, the Empire State Child Tax Credit provides real tax relief to New York’s working families — not backdoor vouchers proposed by the governor.

The Assembly rejected the governor’s shortsighted “education tax credit,” which was limited to educational expenses.

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