Assemblywoman Nolan Assemblywoman
Catherine Nolan

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Last week’s power outage put all of us in a very difficult, and even dangerous, situation.  Having spent time every day with so many in our community, I share your concern and outrage. There is no excuse. It must never happen again.

I am, therefore, calling on Con Edison to:

  • take immediate steps to assure reliable power to all customers in the future;
  • set up an easier, more flexible claims process to better serve its customers who lost not only power but food and medicine and the use of their medical equipment during the outage and provide financial help for residents and businesses; and
  • participate fully in an outside, independent investigation into the causes of this power outage and Con Edison’s response to those left in the dark.

We survived the snowstorm of 1969; we will survive the blackout of 2006! In the meantime, here is some important information that may help you.

Residents may claim reimbursement from Con Edison for food that spoiled due to the lack of refrigeration during the power outage.  To file a claim, you must submit a letter or claim form to Con Edison within 30 days of the power outage. However, I am calling on Con Edison to waive or extend the 30 day limit.

(Click here to view Residential Claim Form)

  • Residential customers can write a letter or file a claim form detailing their losses up to a maximum value of $350.
  • You can mail the letter or claim form to:   Con Edison, Claims Department, P.O. Box 801, New York, New York 10276. You may use the claim form on the back of this letter. Forms are also available on the Con Edison web site at
  • You can fax the letter or form to 1-212-979-1278 or e-mail it to

For more information, you may call Con Edison at 1-800-752-6633.  Or, you may call me.  If you would like a claim form or need assistance filling out a claim, please call my office at 718-784-3194.  My office staff will mail a claim form to you and help answer your questions.

We have come through a lot in the past week and we are still holding together. I have been proud to work with my colleagues in government including Councilman Eric Gioia, Community Boards 1 and 2, Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce, 108th Precinct, LaGuardia Community College and other civic and business groups.


Click here to view Residential Claim Form
(pdf format)