Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan
Catherine Nolan
37th Assembly District

Dear Neighbor,

There has been a whirlwind of activity here in Albany since the legislative session opened in January and I am pleased to give you an update on the latest developments.

I want to share the news that the Assembly has approved a package of ethics reform legislation that creates a comprehensive watchdog agency to ensure the integrity of state government. This landmark legislation will help restore public confidence in state government by reducing the influence of lobbyists on our democratic process.

Legislation has also been signed to reform the worker’s compensation system. It will help working families make ends meet when faced with a crisis by providing an increase in the benefit rate for newly injured workers. I am proud to say I cosponsored Governor Spitzer’s proposal to raise benefits for injured workers.

As Chairwoman of the Assembly Committee on Education, I have worked especially hard to improve conditions at our schools so that students have every opportunity to learn. I co-sponsored the Class Size Reduction Act which would require New York City to spend at least 25% of the additional state education aid to lower class size in all public schools. The City needs to listen to parent concerns. I am also working to secure funding for after school projects so that we can continue offering our children programs to enrich their lives.

It has been a pleasure meeting with local groups and their representatives who keep me informed about the issues of most concern in our communities. During the past few months we have monitored the Newtown Creek lawsuit and proposed clean-up efforts initiated by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. We are also keeping our eye on the #7 line and the Myrtle-Wyckoff and M/L Line renovations and progress, demanding the MTA speed this work. Most importantly, I am working to continue support to senior citizens and working families to improve the health care system.

I look forward to listening to your concerns throughout the coming months and supporting legislation which reflects what is important to you.

Catherine Nolan

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