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Governor Cuomo Signs Miller
Sex Offender Legislation

Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed Assemblyman Miller’s bill, A7950, into law. The bill will require the registration of the address of employment for level two sex offenders and update an obsolete practice for tracking all sex offenders.

When The Sex Offender Registry Act was first enacted, the subdirectory of level two and three sex offenders was printed and distributed to law enforcement agencies by the Division of Criminal Justice Services. Given the number of offenders listed on the subdirectory, it soon became impossible to create a printed subdirectory. Several years ago, the Division of Criminal Justice Services discontinued print access and directed law enforcement agencies to allow the public to view the subdirectory through the Department of Criminal Justice Services’ website. Assemblyman Miller’s bill, now law, will update the outdated system and require level two sex offenders to provide their address of employment to the Sex Offender Registry.

This bill is part of a comprehensive package of bills Assemblyman Miller has in the Assembly aimed at keeping our children safe from predators. A7949 will require that notice of a risk level determination hearing for convicted sex offenders be given to the sex offender and district attorney within five days of the conviction for any sex offender. A4897 is a bill that will prohibit the employment of a sex offender in any position having substantial contact with children. Both bills aim to redefine legal terms and conditions in dealing with sex offenders.

A7950 is set to become effective immediately.

New Legislation

Here are a few pieces of new legislation Assemblyman Miller recently introduced. Have a suggestion for a new law? Please send an email to millermg@assembly.state.ny.us.

A8645: Would make it illegal to sell beer or wine for on premises consumption within 200 feet of a school or house of worship.

A8656: Requires the NYC Transportation Authority to promulgate rules and regulations providing for certain means of transportation to be utilized for para-transit services.

A8657: Designates U.S. Veterans Affairs Police Officers as Peace Officers.

A8658: Requires school districts to subject prospective volunteers to fingerprinting and background checks prior to commencing work at such school district.

A8659: Requires the owners of certain multiple dwellings to provide, install, and maintain screens for every window in a residential unit of such dwelling.

A8660: Requires that motor vehicles with purposefully obstructed license plates be impounded.

Additionally, at the time of printing this newsletter, Assemblyman Miller has two bills that have not been numbered as of yet. One bill would require any establishment purchasing gold or other precious metals from an individual to take a photograph of that individual with the property. The other bill would give the police authority to impound “For Sale” vehicles with missing or improper registration.

Job Development and the Unemployed

In these tough economic times finding fruitful employment can be difficult. That’s why the Assembly passed a series of pieces of legislation this year to assist the unemployed or those struggling with underemployment. Here are just a few examples of things we have done in the Assembly to help ease the economic crisis here in New York:

Unemployment Benefits
Continues extended benefits for unemployed workers who are unable to find work.

Green Jobs Workforce
Establishes the Green Jobs Workforce Subcommittee of the State Workforce Investment Board (SWIB). Under the bill, the subcommittee would be responsible for working with various state agencies and private industry to analyze labor market data, establish green training programs and establish a “green jobs curriculum.”

Fair Pay Act
Establishes the New York State Fair Pay Act to ensure that pay differentiation is not based on a person’s sex or national origin.

Innovate NY Fund
Makes available federal funds to the Innovate NY Fund, the New York State Capital Access Program (CAP), and the Bonding Guarantee Assistance Program to help stimulate the development of new jobs and increase economic development activity in New York State. The legislation establishes the Innovate NY Fund to leverage private sector investments and provide seed money to attract emerging technology firms, create jobs, and increase economic activity throughout the state. CAP will seek to increase access to credit for small businesses and manufacturers. The Bonding Guarantee Assistance Program will provide additional financial backing to guarantee bonds to assist small business and minority-owned business enterprises with construction projects.

Summer Youth Employment
The final Assembly budget restored $15.5 million to the Summer Youth Employment Program. In 2010, the program helped 35,725 young adults find jobs in 5,800 worksites throughout New York City.

Help Small Businesses
The Assembly passed legislation that would give small businesses greater access to capital in an effort to create jobs and better the business climate in New York. Specifically, the bill allocates $44.5 million in federal State Small Business Credit Initiative funds to the New York State Capital Access Program, the Innovate NY Fund, and the Bond Guarantee Assistance Program.

Creating Jobs Through Regional Councils
The 2011-12 budget provided funding for Regional Economic Development Councils across the state. The councils, chaired by the state’s lieutenant governor, will help create a region-based approach to allocating $130 million in state funds over two years for economic development.

The goal of these new Regional Economic Development Councils is to speed up the creation of jobs and get New Yorkers back to work. The final budget also restored or maintained funding to a number of other targeted economic development initiatives, including:

Additionally, if you or anyone you know is looking for a job, please follow this link for more information: http://www.labor.ny.gov/jobs/regional.shtm

Miller Marks National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Help make a difference in your community’s fight against breast cancer

October was National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time to remember those who have lost the battle to breast cancer and support those who continue the fight daily. Thanks to improvements in treatment and early detection, more women are winning the fight against breast cancer. As we continue to progress toward a cure, we’re also learning more about how to prevent the disease.

According to the American Cancer Society’s 2011 report, with the exclusion of skin cancers, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, accounting for nearly one in four cancers diagnosed in U.S. women. This year alone, it is estimated that there will be over 232,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer in the U.S., including new cases of primary breast cancer among survivors. In New York, nearly 16,000 women are expected to be diagnosed with the disease this year. It is also estimated that by the end of 2011, there will be nearly 40,000 breast cancer-related deaths nationwide.

Eliminating breast cancer is an ongoing battle, with prevention and early detection being of utmost importance. Self examinations and mammography screening remain the best available methods to detect breast cancer early. Numerous studies have shown that early detection using mammography screenings greatly improves treatment options and survival. While every woman is unique, in general, survival rates for breast cancer can reach 93 percent when detected in the earliest stages. For mammograms and other early detection methods to be as effective as possible, the American Cancer Society suggests women:

Measures have been taken by the Assembly to protect women in New York who are fighting and surviving breast cancer, ensuring that they receive the best care possible. In recent years I supported a law to ensure that information relating to the availability and access to reconstructive surgery following breast cancer surgery is provided to all breast cancer patients. For the past month, I have been traveling to different senior centers throughout the 38th Assembly District giving ribbons out to raise awareness of the issue.

Research continues to explore the causes, prevention and treatment of breast cancer. Studies find lifestyle factors and habits can increase the risk of breast cancer. Some studies indicate exercise, weight gain or loss and diet can affect breast cancer rates. Researchers are also learning more about how genes influence breast cancer. About 5 percent to 10 percent of breast cancers are thought to be hereditary, caused by abnormal genes passed from parent to child.

A diagnosis of breast cancer can be a frightening event that affects not only you but your whole family. For more information on treatment, guidance and community support, you can go to www.health.state.ny.us/publications/0401/resources.htm, the New York State Department of Health’s breast cancer resource and information center.

Early diagnosis and other preventive measures, along with the right treatment, can help save lives and end the battle against this deadly disease. Please contact my office at 718-805-0950 for more information about this or any other issue.

In the Community…

Miller Honors Volunteers
Assemblyman Mike Miller and Council Member Elizabeth Crowley visited a joint meeting of the Glendale Civilian Observation Patrol and the Glendale Property Owners Association. Both elected officials honored those individuals who volunteered their time during Hurricane Irene with official citations. Among those honored were volunteers who directed traffic when power was lost, assisted with the removal of downed trees and power lines, and contributed to the clean up effort.

Miller Hosts Second
Safety Awareness Event
Assemblyman Mike Miller co-sponsored a Safety Awareness event in Forest Park. Among the services included were free vehicle and bicycle VIN etchings, SAFE Child Cards, fire safety awareness programs, and self defense programs. These services were provided by the New York City Fire Department and the New York City Police Department. There were also representatives from the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, Queens Library, and the Boy Scouts of America.

For more information on any of these services, please contact Assemblyman Miller’s office at 718-805-0950.

Miller Hosts Hispanic Heritage Event
Assemblyman Mike Miller held an event at the Legacy Center in Glendale, Queens to honor the contributions of the local Latino community. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, which stretches from September 15th to October 15th, the Assemblyman presented awards to 11 individuals for their contributions to the community. Among those being honored were Assemblyman Francisco Moya, members of the New York Police Department, local volunteers, pastors of various local churches, and Jorge Muñoz, recipient of the President’s Citizen Medal and a finalist for CNN’s Heroes Award for his work in aiding the homeless.

“It was truly an honor to present these awards to such fine individuals,” Assemblyman Miller said. “The contributions of the Latino community to the City of New York are too often ignored. This was just my way of offering what little thanks I could for the tremendous effort and sacrifice these individuals put into making our communities a better place to live.”

Assemblyman Miller Brings MetroCard Vanto Local Seniors
Assemblyman Mike Miller sponsored a visit from the MetroCard Van to local senior citizen centers in Woodhaven and Ozone Park. Visiting the Woodhaven-Richmond Hill Senior Center and St. Mary Gate of Heaven, the MetroCard Van issued ID cards to those 65 years of age and older for reduced fares and provided other items such as MetroCards and E-Z Passes.

Assemblyman Miller visited PS 97 to plant daffodil bulbs in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The bulbs were planted in honor of a teacher at PS 97 who lost her battle with breast cancer.

Community Feedback

In order to properly represent you in the upcoming budget session I need to know what your thoughts are. Please take the time to provide some feedback. Don’t forget to sign up for our monthly e-newsletter where you can interact with our office each month about current issues. Just send an email to millermg@assembly.state.ny.us. Thank you.

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