Do the richest 1% of New Yorkers really deserve another tax break?

Assemblywoman Rhoda S. Jacobs:
Millionaires and multi-millionaires don’t need another tax break.
If nothing is done, people making over $1 million a year will receive a tax break, lowering their taxes an average of $85,450. This is on top of the Bush-era federal tax cut extended in January for another two years, providing an additional average annual windfall of $128,832 to millionaires.

While millionaires and multi-millionaires are cashing in, working families throughout the state are struggling with:

  • higher property taxes
  • higher prices for food and gas
  • less money for our schools
  • less affordable health care

Fact: Of the 1 percent affected — the millionaires — half are NOT even New York residents.

Assemblywoman Rhoda S. Jacobs
I support keeping the current tax rate paid by millionaires and continuing it until Dec. 31, 2012, while providing 30 percent of the tax revenue to education (A.7802).

Rhoda S. Jacobs
Member of Assembly
Room 736 Legislative Office Building, Albany, NY 12248 • 518-455-5385

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We simply can’t sit by as we give a special handout to millionaires and multi-millionaires, while average families and our children’s educational futures are in jeopardy.

YES, I agree that we need to protect working families and not multi-millionaires. I stand with you and want to be kept informed.








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