Assemblymember Jim Brennan
Reports to the People
Winter 2011

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Local Public Schools Receive $500,000 in Designated State Funds

I am pleased to announce that schools in my district can now access their share of the $500,000 in State funding that my office designated to elementary, middle and secondary schools for capital projects. All schools were asked to identify their own capital needs. Projects such as auditorium renovations, technology upgrades including computers and smart boards, as well as electrical upgrades for air conditioning will now move forward at P.S. 10, P.S. 39, P.S. 107, P.S. 130, P.S. 134, P.S. 139, P.S. 154, P.S. 179, P.S. 217, P.S. 230, P.S. 295, P.S. 321, M.S. 51, M.S. 88, Ditmas Junior High, and the secondary schools at the John Jay Campus. New Voices Middle School will also receive funding under a separate grant. The funds were appropriated two years ago and my office has guided the projects through City and State approvals. The Legislature did not authorize additional funding this year as a result of the State’s financial problems.


The State Division of the Budget currently estimates the deficit for this coming year to be $9 billion, which may grow.
The State of New York is facing big budget shortfalls because about $5.5 billion in Federal stimulus funds now incorporated into the State’s budget are expiring in June. The State Division of the Budget currently estimates the deficit for this coming year to be $9 billion, which may grow. The income-tax adjustment for wealthy households enacted in 2009 expires on December 31st; this will reduce revenue by $1 billion in the upcoming budget and a total of $5 billion by 2012-2013.

I and my colleagues have written Governor Cuomo urging him to preserve this tax revenue. The impacts of balancing the budget just with cuts could be very severe, with devastating reductions of billions of dollars in health care, education, public safety, transportation, and other vital services in the City of New York. Governor Cuomo gives the Legislature the budget on February 1 and I will be keeping you informed as events unfold.

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