Assemblyman William Colton
Reports to the
Spring 2008

Colton Succeeds in Fight to Keep School Funding Promise

photo Shown above is Assemblyman Colton at the “Keep the Promise” breakfast, which he organized for parents and community leaders.
Assemblyman Colton, a member of the Ways and Means Committee, has long fought for fair school funding for NYC children. Finally, after a Campaign for Fiscal Equity court decision, the 2007 State Budget reformed the school aid formula to provide predicable and equitable funding.

More Monies for NYC Schools

Assemblyman Colton led the fight to ensure the state kept its promise to provide our children with their fair share of state school monies.

The Assemblyman hosted a breakfast meeting of parents and community leaders to organize support in this important fight. Last year, a lawsuit demanding a fair share of state school monies for NYC was settled with an historic four-year plan. The first year provided our schools with a $600 million dollar increase in monies.

State Budget Keeps the Promise

This year’s budget continues that commitment by providing an additional $534 million increase above last year for NYC schools. This money will go for reducing class size, funding Universal Pre-Kindergarten, improving teacher training, and other such school improvements.

Assemblyman Colton succeeded in rejecting the elimination of building aid for 2008-2009, as well as an 18-month delay in reimbursing current projects.

“We kept the promise.We demand the mayor and the City Council to do the same.”

—Assemblyman Colton

There is no excuse for city school cuts. Our children deserve all the resources needed to receive a quality education. We must continue to demand that NYC stop cuts to our schools and we will continue fighting against any such cuts.

A Promise is a Promise...No Excuses!

Colton Supports Local Libraries

photo Assemblyman Colton shown in photo with four of the youngsters he read to at the Highlawn Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. The Assemblyman successfully fought to restore $5 million dollars in cuts to libraries in the state budget.

Colton Continues Fight Against Waste Transfer Dump

photo Photo shows Assemblyman Colton at January hearing on the Waste Transfer Station, with community leaders Mark Treyger, Ida Sanoff and Charles Ragusa, together with the community’s environmental attorney, Joel Kupferman. Some 1,000 people attended the hearing against the proposed plan.
Over a thousand people attended a hearing at the Shore Parkway Jewish Center to protest against the city’s proposed building of a Waste Transfer Station at Shore Parkway and 26th Avenue. This hearing, which Colton had demanded be held in the neighborhood, was presided over by an Administrative Law Judge appointed by the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Rallying the Community

Assemblyman Colton, who first alerted the community to the plan, has been leading the fight against this Waste Transfer Station. He collected thousands of letters and petitions to protest the plan. He held rallies and town hall meetings to discuss how this plan will cause traffic congestion, contaminate our waters and hurt the quality of life of the residential and recreational area around the site.

Continuing the Legal Fight

Currently, an administrative judge has been appointed to hear the issues. Assemblyman Colton, together with other community leaders, has applied to be a party to the proceedings.

A well-known environmental lawyer, Joel Kupferman, who has been retained to represent the community, has filed an application with the Federal Environmental Protection Administration to assess the site for the hazardous waste created by the Southwest Brooklyn Incinerator, which the city had operated on the site until Colton successfully led a fight to close it in 1991.

Assemblyman Colton has vowed to continue to fight this poorly thought out proposal, which unfortunately was approved by the City Council, but which still must obtain approval for a permit by the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

Flag Presentation at Most Precious Blood School


Assemblyman Colton presented Most Precious Blood School with an American Flag, flown over the Capitol, which was donated by Congressman Anthony Weiner, at the Assemblyman’s request.

Shown with Assemblyman Colton at the presentation is Msgr. Rosa, Pastor; Sister Eleanora, Principal; and members of the school Color Guard.

Holocaust Survivors Give Assembly Presentation at PS 95


Shown in photo is Assemblyman Colton and Mrs. Carolyn Telesmanich, PS 95 Principal; together with a group of Holocaust survivors who presented their experiences at an assembly program at PS 95.

Assemblyman Colton arranged for the program to teach children about the evil of hate symbols such as the swastika. Any schools interested in presenting such programs can contact Stephanie Wong at the Assemblyman’s office.

Colton Involved With
Health Care Concerns


Shown in photo are Assemblyman Colton discussing health issues with Dr. Margaret Chan, Director General of the World Health Organization.

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