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Summer 2005

Assembly Salutes Older
Americans on Senior Day

Assemblyman Peter Abbate speaking with seniors about issues of importance to the elderly.
Each year, America celebrates National Senior Health & Fitness Day — encouraging the well-being of older Americans. Joining our nation in celebration, the New York State Assembly observes “Senior Day,” which honors older Americans by promoting their health and recognizing their unique contributions to our s tate.

This day is especially important because our nation is witnessing a boom - the graying of the post WW II baby boom – in the aging population. Today, people are living longer, staying healthier and are much more active later in life. In 2011, the first wave of the 78 million baby boom generation turns 65. To recognize a day for seniors is to recognize the immense impact that they have had – and continue to have – in the development of our communities.

“Senior Day” is a day to express our gratitude and respect to the 35 million senior citizens who are sources of wisdom and inspiration to the generations of Americans following in their footsteps. Older Americans have set examples for younger Americans – having lived through the depression of the 30’s, war of the 40’s, post-war boom of the 50’s, civil rights movement of the 60’s, a spirit of change in the 70’s, the economic storms of the 80’s and the technology boom of the 90’s. Their life experiences shows adaptability and resiliency that future generations will strive to match.

I am doing all I can to give all senior citizens the dignity, the respect, and the security which they are entitled to and which they deserve. In this spirit, I have supported legislation that improves the quality of life for older Americans in New York State.

The Assembly Majority and I have proved our commitment to New York’s senior citizens by reaching a bipartisan budget agreement that saved our healthcare system from the governor’s heavy-handed budget cuts. Together, with our colleagues in the Senate, we created a preferred drug list with the strongest consumer protections in the Nation – ensuring that physicians will have the final say in prescribing medication.

We included $2 million more in the budget for programs and services through the Office of the Aging – which is a 6 percent increase in that agency’s budget over last year. We also worked hard to provide an additional $1 million for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and the $1.2 million more for the Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities program.

“Senior Day is not only a day for New Yorkers to honor older Americans who have contributed to our country in so many vital ways, but it also reminds us that senior citizens deserve the respect and security that they have worked their whole lives for.”

Bipartisan Agreement Ensures
Quality Health Care, Protects Taxpayers

Assemblyman Abbate explains how budget agreement protects the health care of the elderly and families.

The state Assembly and Senate reached agreement on a bipartisan spending plan that will help ensure New Yorkers’ access to quality, affordable health care while easing the burden on local taxpayers.

The governor’s budget plan would have cut a hole in the health care safety net that I have been fighting to protect. By rejecting the worst of his shortsighted cuts and taxes, this agreement will help ensure that seniors and working families don’t lose access to the health care they rely on.

The agreement also continues the Assembly’s effort to reduce the Medicaid burden on local taxpayers.

While I certainly would have preferred the Assembly’s proposed hard cap on Medicaid growth – which would have provided more savings for New York City, this compromise is a step forward and provides the city with vital funding that should be reinvested in the city’s schools.

Assemblyman Abbate Urges Congress to Protect Social Security Benefits

Peter Abbate sponsors resolution calling on Congress to safeguard Social Security and oppose privatizing.

Privatizing Social Security could add trillions of dollars to the national debt and ultimately force significant cuts in current or future benefits.

The financial security of seniors is always a concern that Assemblyman Abbate addresses when visiting local senior centers.

We must do everything we can to make sure that Social Security remains a source of income for future generations. It would be irresponsible to do otherwise. We must keep the “Security” in Social Security – not bet it all on risky Wall Street investments.

Over the years, Congress has repeatedly reviewed and reformed Social Security during its 70 years, but privatizing the program is simply too drastic and too risky.

Social Security provides a simple guarantee: Work hard and contribute, and your financial future will be secure. I urge all New Yorkers and our state’s congressional delegation to oppose any attempt to privatize Social Security and cut retirees’ benefits.

Health Care Proxies Available

For a health care proxy or more information, please fill out this form and mail it to me at:

Assemblyman Peter Abbate
8500 18 Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11214





**Click here for a printable view**

Whether to accept or reject medical care in an end of life situation is a very personal decision governed by one’s own beliefs. Should a serious accident or illness leave you unable to convey those wishes, it is necessary to take steps to ensure that they are honored. In our state, that means having a living will or health care proxy.

If you prefer a loved one to make decisions for you, the New York State Health Care Proxy Law allows you to appoint a competent adult as your health care agent. Once you complete a health care proxy, hospitals, doctors and other health care providers must follow your agent’s decisions as if they were your own. The health care proxy will not only help ensure your wishes will be carried out, but also eliminates any conflict or confusion among your loved ones.

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