Peter Abbate


Fighting for the Working Families of Bath Beach

“For the second year in a row, the Legislature passed an on-time budget that gave a fair shake to all New Yorkers. This bipartisan budget promotes education, protects New Yorkers and returns surplus tax dollars back to the families who paid them.

The 2006 legislative session set a positive tone in New York, but there is more to be done. In a few months, we will elect a new governor, providing a perfect opportunity to tackle our challenges with fresh ideas and energy. I look forward to working in partnership with our new governor to reinvigorate New York.”


Fighting for the working families of our community

The recent legislative session has wrapped up, closing with new laws that will lessen our tax burden, give Bath Beach schools a fairer share and make our streets safer. It was a productive legislative session that I hope signals a positive change in direction in the coming months and years.

To address the tax burden Bath Beach families face, we made tax relief a priority by:
  • creating a child tax credit with a benefit of $330 for each child between ages 4 and 17 for every family in the state;

  • permanently eliminating the state sales tax on clothing and shoes under $110;

  • ending the marriage penalty tax, saving married couples $41 million annually when fully phased in;

  • providing relief from high gas prices by reducing and capping state and local sales taxes on gasoline; and

  • increasing the STAR personal income tax credit to $115 for single filers and $230 for joint filers, bringing total STAR savings for New York City residents to $1.1 billion annually.

The Assembly also worked on several laws to protect the safety of the people of Bath Beach by:
  • eliminating the criminal statute of limitations on rape and sexual assault while extending the civil statute of limitations;

  • passing an identity theft protection package that protects us from being targets of the crime and provides assistance to those who are victimized;

  • enacting landmark laws to toughen drunk driving penalties, and created strict penalties for fleeing the police; and

  • passing a law to triple the size of the state’s criminal DNA database to encompass all persons convicted of felonies and 18 key misdemeanors.

photo Assemblyman Abbate joins police on Cropsey Avenue as they enforce traffic regulations regarding trucks illegally driving in Bath Beach. photo Working with Community Board 11, Assemblyman Abbate helps get streets repaved, traffic lights installed and trees pruned in Bath Beach.

Bath Beach school children will greatly benefit from this year’s budget where we were able to fulfill the capital funding requirements outlined in the CFE decision by:
photo Assemblyman Abbate brings funds he secured as part of state budget to P.S 200, P.S. 229 and P.S. 163 in Bath Beach.
  • providing New York City with $1.8 billion for capital construction to modernize our schools;

  • increasing formula-based school aid so New York City schools receive $501 million more than last year;

  • including a $25 million increase to expand universal pre-K classes to serve an additional 7,500 4-year-olds;

  • adding $140 million for class size reduction for overcrowded schools;

  • providing a $13.8 million increase in aid for students with limited English proficiency;

  • blocking tuition increases at SUNY/CUNY schools and expanding TAP to part-time Students; and

  • increasing Bundy Aid to private colleges by $4.2 million for students going to area colleges like St. Francis, Wagner and Fordham.

Assemblyman Peter J. Abbate, Jr.

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