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Reports to the People

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Assemblyman Peter Abbate
"Getting Results and Improving Our Quality of Life"
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photo As your Assemblyman and a life long resident of our community, I’ve always taken pride in the fact that I represent one of the finest areas in our state. Ensuring that our community continues to grow and prosper, I’ve always made bringing our tax dollars back to our community one of my top priorities each year. The fundamental idea behind this strategy is to make sure that we receive our fair share of funds for our local schools, senior centers and community groups.
photo In this report, I’ve included a map of our part of Brooklyn that pinpoints where important funding for community programs and services have gone to improve the way we live. These funds have been used by local groups and schools to enrich the lives of the children, families and the elderly of our community.

I’m happy that I’ve played a role in making these improvements in our community. I’ve always done my best to meet the needs of our neighborhoods, and this newsletter is evidence of my continued commitment to the people I represent in Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, Dyker Heights and Boro Park.

photo Over the years, I’ve worked closely with past and present elected officials on the city, state and federal level. Through our cooperative effort we’ve been able to make a difference on the quality of life issues that affect us all. Whether it is getting funds for senior citizen centers, grants for local schools, funding for community organizations for after school, cultural and social services, or assisting those who need help, I’m glad that I’ve been instrumental in bringing the resources of government back to our neighborhoods.

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  1. P.S. 160: Received $24,100 for educational programs.

  2. Council of Neighborhood Organizations (CONO):  Granted $213,000 for community housing and social service programs.

  3. United Chinese Association of Brooklyn:  Granted $8,000 for community programs.

  4. P.S. 105:  Received $37,700 for educational purposes.

  5. Traffic Signals:  Fought for new traffic lights to improve pedestrian and vehicular safety throughout district.

  6. L.I.R.R.:  Cleaned up railroad cut and repaved sidewalks on 61st and 62nd Streets.

  7. Maimonides Medical Center:  Granted $825,000 to enhance community health care in Bath Beach, Bensonhurst, Boro Park and Dyker Heights.

  8. B9 Bus:  Restored bus stops along 60th Street B9 route.

  9. American-Italian Coalition of Organizations (AMICO) Senior Program: Received grants totaling $30,550.

  10. Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric Center:  Granted $7,500 to aid in the care of the elderly.

  11. Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty:  Received grants totaling $150,000.

  12. P.S. 180:  Received $33,100 for educational programs.

  13. Agudath Israel of America:   Received grants totaling $21,750 for local programs.

  14. P.S. 121:  Received $16,300 for educational programs.

  15. Franklin D. Roosevelt H.S.:  Received $9,000 for educational programs.

  16. St. Athanasius Youth Program:   Received grants totaling $63,500.

  17. St. Athanasius Golden Age Club:  Received grants totaling $17,400.

  18. P.S. 48:   Received $53,000 for educational programs.

  19. Brooklyn Philharmonic Symphony:   Granted $10,500 for musical programs.

  20. Federation of Italian American Organizations of Brooklyn:  Granted $530,446 for youth, cultural and community programs.

  21. P.S. 205:  Received $54,500 for educational programs.

  22. Seniors On The Move:   Granted $3,500 for frail and elderly homebound program.

  23. I.S. 227:  Received $43,600 for educational programs.

  24. The ROSE:   Granted $55,000 for family assistance programs.

  25. Street Resurfacing:   Worked with Community Boards 10, 11 and 12 to get streets repaved throughout district.

  26. St. Rosalia-Regina Pacis Neighborhood Improvement Association (NIA):   Granted $636,000 for community and youth services and programs.

  27. Regina Pacis Senior Center:  Received grants totaling $23,050.

  28. I.S. 187:   Received $15,200 for educational programs.

  29. District Office:   Provide assistance to area residents.

  30. Sons of Christopher Senior Club:  Received grants totaling $5,900.

  31. I.S. 259:   Received $44,600 for educational programs.

  32. P.S. 176:   Received $54,500 for educational programs and $1 million for a new heating system.

  33. Union Center for Women:   Granted $19,000 for services for women.

  34. Our Lady of Guadalupe Golden Age Club:   Received grants totaling $18,800.

  35. Our Lady of Guadalupe Youth Program:   Received $88,500 for youth programs.

  36. P.S. 112:  Received $49,500 for educational programs.

  37. Satellite Park:   Rehab of park and playground area.

  38. NIA Senior Program:   Granted $256,500 for area senior citizen programs.

  39. P.S. 247:  Received $41,000 for educational programs.

  40. I.S. 96:  Received $41,500 for educational programs.

  41. St. Dominic’s Young at Heart Club:  Received grants totaling $22,300.

  42. St. Dominic’s Youth Program:  Received $42,000 for programs.

  43. Bensonhurst Jewish Community House:   Granted $26,250 for community programs.

  44. Sephardic Senior Center:   Received grants totaling $13,050.

  45. Council of Jewish Organizations of Bensonhurst:  Granted $87,000 for community programs.

  46. P.S. 186:  Received $48,650 for educational programs.

  47. Italian Board of Guardians:  Granted $33,000 for area services.

  48. Ryan Reparatory Company:  Received grants totaling $12,000.

  49. Narrows Senior Center:   Received grants totaling $23,550.

  50. Received grants totaling $23,550.  Received $11,100 for educational programs.

  51. Garibaldi Park:   Rehabilitation of park and playground area.

  52. Bensonhurst Volunteer Ambulance Service:   Granted $37,000 for emergency services.

  53. P.S. 204:   Received $46,500 for educational programs and $1 million for a new heating system.

  54. St. Bernadette Golden Age Club:  Received grants totaling $19,800.

  55. Brooklyn Women’s Services:   Grants totaling $86,000 to support services and programs.

  56. I.S. 201:  Received $3,000 for educational programs.

  57. Dyker Heights Senior Center:   Received grants totaling $6,800.

  58. Dyker Park:  Rehab of park and playground area.

  59. St. Francis Cabrini Senior Center:  Received grants totaling $20,550.

  60. P.S. 229:  Received $50,000 for educational programs and $1 million for a new heating system.

  61. Bay 8th Street Park:   Modernized playground and athletic courts.

  62. Heartshare Human Services:  Granted $283,987 for programs.

  63. P.S. 163:   Received $52,000 for educational programs.

  64. District Office:  Provide assistance to area residents.

  65. American Italian Coalition of Brooklyn (AMICO):   Granted $161,726 for programs.

  66. St. Finbar’s Golden Age Club:  Received grants totaling $23,050.

  67. St. Finbar’s Youth Program:  Received $12,000 for programs.

  68. P.S. 200:  Received $46,500 for educational programs.

  69. Bensonhurst Redevelopment Corporation:  Granted $211,000 for providing services to the community.

  70. Bensonhurst Redevelopment Senior Program:  Granted $298,000 to aid local senior programs.

  71. Bensonhurst Senior Center:  Received grants totaling $12,650.

  72. Southwest Brooklyn Incinerator:   Stopped facility from reopening and polluting the area.

  73. Bensonhurst Renaissance Program:  Granted $50,000 for neighborhood programs.

  74. Associazioni Siciliane Unite of New York:   Granted $62,000 for youth programs.

Assemblyman Peter Abbate
Working to Bring Our Tax Dollars Home blue line

Assemblyman Abbate’s efforts in Albany have successfully brought our hard earned tax dollars home. He has personally been responsible for obtaining over $8.3 million for many important community programs and projects.

To ensure that the senior citizens of our community live their later years with dignity, Assemblyman Abbate has fought to keep funds in the budget for the elderly. He has personally secured over $1 million for local senior centers and programs.

A large portion of the funds that Assemblyman Abbate has brought to our community have gone directly into our neighborhood schools. Over $2.2 million has gone into Community School Districts 20 and 21 for educational programs and community organizations for after school youth programs.

Not one to overlook the little things that affect our daily lives in a big way, Assemblyman Abbate’s two district offices have helped more than 7,500 people with all sorts of problems.

8500 18th Avenue • Brooklyn, New York 11214 • (718) 236-1764
6419 11th Avenue • Brooklyn, New York 11219 • (718) 232-9565

Room 839, Legislative Office Building • Albany, New York 12248 • (518) 455-3053