Assemblyman Peter Abbate:
MTA’s proposed fare and toll hike plan hurts commuters


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s proposal to hike fares and tolls 6.5 percent is all wrong.

  1. It’s not fair to ask commuters to pay more when the MTA has a projected $323 million surplus.

  2. It’s shortsighted to raise fares at a time when we are encouraging people to take mass transit.

  3. It’s irresponsible to raise prices when State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli says the MTA should first work with the state and city to balance its operating budget, finance the next five-year capital program and meet cost-reduction targets.

“We already pay enough for, in many cases, sub-par transportation. The MTA needs to put commuters first and make it a priority to provide affordable public transportation.”

– Assemblyman Peter Abbate

How will the MTA toll hike affect commuters?

Unfortunately, while the MTA can’t find enough ways to cut costs, it found plenty of ways to jack up prices. Possible hikes include:

  • a peak fare of $2.25, up from $2

  • a $6 minimum on any pay-per-ride MetroCard

  • raising the monthly unlimited-ride MetroCard, now $76, as high as $81

  • hiking the express bus 7-Day MetroCard from $41 to $42

The MTA also is proposing higher fares on the Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad, and the Staten Island rail system, as well as steeper bridge and tunnel tolls.

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