Tell Mayor Bloomberg to stop the senior service restructuring plan!

Under Mayor Bloomberg’s Modernizing Aging Services Program, essential senior services may be lost.
The New York City Department for the Aging’s current consolidation efforts may jeopardize essential senior services, including case management and Meals on Wheels, as well as services provided by senior centers. The move may eliminate significant social outlets and activities for seniors and too many may lose invaluable support networks. That’s why the Assembly passed legislation to require DFTA to maintain its current programs while the State Office for the Aging contracts with an independent agency to evaluate DFTA’s pilot project in the Bronx (A.10470-A). Unfortunately, the Senate did not pass this bill.

Let’s make the right decisions. Call (212) 788-3000 and tell Mayor Bloomberg we need more than just a delay. We need assurances that a senior service restructuring plan won’t curtail programs