Peter Abbate:

Keeping the promise to New York City’s school children.

“As we begin a new school year, I’m happy to report that this year’s state budget helps our schools. It delivers a $644 million funding increase and ensures our children are protected from the state’s fiscal hardships.”

Peter Abbate

State budget provides $644 million increase to NYC schools

Assemblyman Peter Abbate fought for a final state budget that provides $644 million more for New York City schools. The Assembly “kept the promise.”

Assemblyman Peter Abbate’s commitment to our children’s education

This year’s state budget continues a commitment to the 4-year Campaign for Fiscal Equity plan, delivering a $644 million increase for New York City schools.

This demonstrates the Assembly’s ongoing dedication to improving New York City schools, especially by rejecting an elimination of building aid for 2008-09 and saying “no” to a proposed 18-month lag for building aid for current projects.

This historic aid should help improve our city’s schools, as long as the city remains committed as well.

The final budget helps all of New York’s children:

  • Provides $450 million for the implementation of universal pre-K, an increase of $96 million

  • Allocates $1.1 million for school personnel background checks

  • Adds $2 million for bilingual education and secures more bilingual teachers as part of the Teachers for Tomorrow program

  • Adds $10 million for after-school programs

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