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Assembly legislation aims to prevent crime, help crime victims
“Crime victims need to rebuild their lives in the devastating aftermath of what they’ve suffered. I supported these measures to help crime victims get back on their feet through improved advocacy, counseling programs and financial compensation.”

Below are the measures:

  • require social services districts to provide individuals who have experienced sexual abuse or assault information about locally available services to protect them from further harm (Ch. 427);

  • help curb the rise in bias-related and hate crimes by establishing a civil remedy for victims who have suffered physical injury, damage to their property or death because of a belief or perception regarding the victim’s race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation (A.529);

  • create a victims’ assistance program where Crime Victims Board (CVB) members and staff would be required to take a course to become properly trained in crime victim assistance (A.1209);

  • permit courts to direct anti-trust fines to be paid to the CVB (A.1046);

  • require separate training and instruction regarding sexual assault for all police officers involved with these types of crimes. This bill also would require the Office of Court Administration to provide training to judges and justices at the New York State Judicial Institute with respect to sexual assault crimes (A.938);

  • expand eligibility and compensation from the CVB to include domestic partners (A.4089-A);

  • require criminal or family court judges to inquire about a defendant’s or respondent’s possession of a firearm when orders of protection are sought (A.4320-A).

“The keys to safer communities are a combination of crime prevention and effective policing. The Assembly has enacted a number of tough anti-crime measures in the last few years. In this past legislative session, I also focused on crime prevention.”
-Assemblyman Peter Abbate

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