Senior Alert!
Means Big Savings for Seniors

Courtesy of... Assemblymember Joseph R. Lentol

Dear Friend,

Thousands more senior citizens in New York State are eligible for big savings on their prescription drugs thanks to expansions which took effect Jan. 1, 2001.

The Assembly succeeded in increasing income eligibility, decreasing co-pays and enrollment fees and simplifying the program to enhance New York State’s Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage Program (EPIC).

EPIC takes some of the financial burdens of the high costs of prescription drugs off seniors with fixed incomes.

This brochure explains how the enhanced EPIC plan works. If you have questions about eligibility requirements or would like to apply for EPIC, please contact my office or one of the toll-free hotlines listed in this brochure.


Joseph R. Lentol
Member of Assembly

Albany Office:
Room 632 LOB, Albany, New York 12248
(518) 455-4477

District Office:
619 Lorimer Street, 1st Floor Storefront
Brooklyn, New York 11211
(718) 383-7474


SENIOR HOTLINE 1-800-342-9871


The expanded EPIC plan took effect January 1, 2001, lowering enrollment fees and co-pays and increasing the income eligibility limits.

EPIC has two plans:

Below are listed the fees for a year of EPIC coverage. Locate your annual income and then find the fee. You may pay your yearly fee in convenient quarterly payments.

If you are single:
Annual income ranges Annual fee ranges
$6,000 or less $8
$6,001-$9,000 $16-$28
$9,001-$11,000 $36-$40
$11,001-$15,000 $46-$80
$15,001-$17,000 $110-$140
$17,001-$19,000 $170-$200
$19,001-$20,000 $230

If you are married:
Annual joint income Annual fee per person
$6,000 or less $8
$6,001-$10,000 $12-$24
$10,001-$13,000 $28-$36
$13,001-$15,000 $40
$15,001-$18,000 $84-$126
$18,001-$21,000 $150-$194
$21,001-$24,000 $216-$260
$24,001-$26,000 $275-$300

There is no fee to join this plan. Instead, you pay full price for your prescriptions until you spend the deductible listed below. EPIC keeps track of how much you spend — you don’t have to save receipts. After you reach your deductible you save more than half for the rest of the year.

If you are single:
Annual income ranges Deductible
$20,001-$22,000 $530-$550
$22,001-$24,000 $580-$720
$24,001-$26,000 $750-$780
$26,001-$28,000 $810-$840
$28,001-$30,000 $870-$900
$30,001-$33,000 $930-$1,160
$33,001-$35,000 $1,190-$1,230

If you are married:
Joint annual income range Deductible range for each person
$26,001-$29,000 $650-$700
$29,001-$32,000 $725-$930
$32,001-$35,000 $960-$1,020
$35,001-$38,000 $1,050-$1,110
$38,001-$41,000 $1,140-$1,200
$41,001-$44,000 $1,230-$1,290
$44,001-$47,000 $1,320-$1,610
$47,001-$50,000 $1,645-$1,715

What is EPIC?
Epic is New York State’s prescription plan for seniors.

Who is eligible?
New York State residents 65 and older with an income of $35,000 or less if you are single, or $50,000 or less if you are married. Persons receiving Medicaid benefits are not eligible.

What drugs are covered?
Almost all prescription medicines, including insulin and insulin syringes.

How does EPIC work?
When you go to the pharmacy show your EPIC card and for each prescription costing:

up to: you pay:
$15 $3
$15.01 to $35 $7
$35.01 to $55 $15
$55.01 and over $20

**Click Here for a Printable Application**