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Skyrocketing health care costs are pushing health insurance out of reach for many working families today. That’s why the New York State Legislature passed the Child Health Plus plan.

This health insurance plan is for children under age 19 who are not eligible for Medicaid and who have limited or no health insurance.

This flyer will explain a little about the program and who may be eligible. For more information, call toll-free 1-800-698-4543.

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Affordable health insurance for your children

The New York State Legislature passed the Child Health Plus plan to make health insurance accessible to children of working families. This plan is now available from a number of providers throughout the state.

Parents can find out how to enroll their children in the plan by contacting the toll-free helpline 1-800-698-4543. They can also call the New York State Growing Up Healthy Hotline at 1-800-522-5006 to find out more about this program and other New York State health programs for children.

If you would like to contact an insurer directly, you can do so and ask if they are participating in the program, or contact the helpline for a list of participating insurers.

The insurer you choose will send you an application for the plan and give you a list of participating providers in your area. The provider might be a single doctor or group practice, or a community health center. If it is a group practice, you may be asked to choose a doctor for your child. Either way, you will get the personal attention and health care that your child deserves.

Is Child Health Plus For You?

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Check it out! You may be eligible to enroll your child in Child Health Plus.

Child Health Plus Benefits

The following benefits are provided under Child Health Plus:

  • well-child care
  • physical examinations
  • immunizations
  • diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury
  • x-rays and lab tests
  • outpatient surgery
  • emergency care
  • prescription drugs
  • inpatient hospital, medical or surgical care
  • short-term therapeutic outpatient services such as chemotherapy or hemodialysis
  • limited treatment for alcoholism and substance abuse and mental health
  • dental, vision, speech and hearing care
  • durable medical equipment
  • hospice

    Applying for Child Health Plus

    If you’re interested in finding out more about Child Health Plus and other health programs for children in the state, call 1-800-698-4543 or visit their website at:

    Here’s How Child Health Plus
    Can Help Your Family

    You may have to pay a family contribution to enroll in Child Health Plus. Find your monthly gross household income in the table* below. This will show you how much, if any, family contribution you will have to pay. Remember, even if you earn more than the highest monthly income listed below, you can still participate — you’ll just have to pay the full premium.

    Total number of people in family Monthly income less than Monthly income between Monthly income between Monthly income more than
    1 $1,241 $1,242-$1,723 $1,724-$1,940 $1,940
    2 $1,665 $1,666-$2,311 $2,312-$2,603 $2,603
    3 $2,089 $2,090-$2,899 $2,900-$3,265 $3,265
    4 $2,513 $2,514-$3,488 $3,489-$3,928 $3,928
    5 $2,937 $2,938-$4,076 $4,077-$4,590 $4,590
    6 $3,361 $3,362-$4,664 $4,665-$5,253 $5,253
    7 $3,785 $3,786-$5,253 $5,254-$5,915 $5,915
    8 $4,209 $4,210-$5,841 $5,842-$6,578 $6,578
    For each extra person, add: $424 $589 $663 ______
    Family contribution Free insurance $9 per child per month maximum $27 per month per family $15 per child per month maximum $45 per month per family Full premium
    *Income levels effective January 1, 2004