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February 6, 2004

Ortiz Suggests Free Hands-Free For All

With the explosion of the cellular phone craze benefiting society today a few specific problems have arisen. One that has become evident to anyone walking the streets or behind the wheel of their own car is drivers talking on their cell phones. The danger of this activity has been proven countless times by the innocent lives lost or destroyed on our nations roadways.

Assemblyman Felix W. Ortiz in his attempt to educate every New Yorker on the danger affiliated with using a cell phone while driving will soon introduce a new tool in his fight. Ortiz would ask the industry that created this phenomenon to take some responsibility for the dangers that accompany their product, which has brought many benefits as well as a few problems. The bill would require wireless telephone companies to provide a free hands-free unit with every new cell phone purchased.

"I would prefer if drivers would put down their phones altogether while driving, but the use of a hands-free unit is a step in the right direction. The industry must take responsibility for a problem that is increasing daily as more individuals become part of the cell phone community. If driver's start using these units right off the bat they will be used to it down the road. A handset is just like a seat belt, a safety devices provided by the manufacturer." said Ortiz

"My cell phone crusade is in honor of those lives lost because someone didn't want the small inconvenience of pulling off the road to talk." Ortiz continued.