Assemblymember Annette M. Robinson:
fighting the governorís education cuts and tax hikes

Governorís budget flunks education, fails taxpayers

To ensure a prosperous future for New York we must provide every one of our children with a quality education. Yet year after year the governor tries to undermine our local schools with drastic budget cuts.

Last year, the governor tried to cut school aid by $1.4 billion before the Legislature stopped him, passing a bipartisan budget over his vetoes to restore $1.1 billion of his cuts. These restorations helped protect the quality of schools, while averting the largest property tax hike in state history.

This year, ignoring inflation, rising enrollments, and the need to help students meet higher standards, the governorís budget contains $369 million in cuts to school funding. The governorís school aid cuts again threaten to force school boards to choose between cutting programs and raising property taxes to make ends meet.

The Governorís Budget Cuts:

  • $99 million in funding for disabled children
  • $87 million in transportation aid Ė money that was promised to reimburse schools for projects theyíve already paid for
  • $45 million in Teacher Support Aid
  • $43 million in funding for BOCES
  • $20 million from Teacher Centers, which help keep our teachers well-trained and up-to-date

His budget also places a moratorium on new school construction and proposes rationing building aid once his moratorium expires

Assemblymember Annette M. Robinson: fighting for our childrenís future

Our schools would have $3.8 billion less if the Assembly had gone along with the governorís previous budget proposals. Each year, itís the Assembly that must fight to provide schools with the resources they need to meet the high academic standards that will attract the jobs of tomorrowís economy. Assemblymember Annette M. Robinson wonít let the governorís wrong choices jeopardize our priorities this year.

ďWe must invest in education to unlock our childrenís full potential Ė itís that simple. We canít gamble with our childrenís future. And we cannot allow the governor to balance a flawed budget at the expense of our schools, students, and property taxpayers.Ē

Annette M. Robinson

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