Annette M. Robinson
to a special tax
break for millionaires
“To provide millionaires yet another tax break on the heels of their federal tax cut is not only grossly unfair, it’s fiscally unsound.”

– Assemblymember Robinson

New York can’t afford to let its wealthiest receive a special tax break while cutting schools and health care.
Annette M. Robinson

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Assemblymember Robinson knows that as we fast approach Dec. 31, 2011, we draw closer to the date millionaires get a special tax break, giving them $700 million this year and $2.6 billion next year. This tax cut is so unfair that it would put the wealthiest New Yorkers in the same tax bracket as someone earning $20,000 annually.

Does that sound right to you? Assemblymember Robinson thinks the highest earners shouldn’t get tax breaks while hardworking families struggle.