Good News from Assemblyman N. Nick Perry

Assemblyman Perry Urges High Risk Constituents to Get Flu Shot

Assemblyman Perry referencing the old adage, that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, recently received a flu shot at Kings County Hospital, and urges all his constituents in high risk groups to do the same.

Assemblyman Perry prepares for his flu shot at Kings County Hospital on a recent trip to the medical institution to raise awareness for the need for central Brooklyn residents in high risk groups to obtain flu vaccinations.

Flu vaccination rates in Central Brooklyn are significantly lower than citywide rates, according to a recent study by the Department of Health only 27% of residents in the high risk group aged 50 and over in Flatbush received the flu shot, as opposed to the citywide rate, which was 48%. As such, residents over the age of 65 in our community are more likely to die due to complications from the flu. Other high risk groups include all children 6-23 months of age, all persons age six months and older with chronic medical conditions, including heart disease, pulmonary disorders (including asthma), diabetes, kidney disease, and compromised immune systems and pregnant women.

A recent community meeting at Kings County Hospital cleared up many prevalent misgivings about flu shots. Flu shots, will not, give you the flu, or get you sick, at most you may have minor soreness from the shot.

Contact Kings County Hospital at (718) 245-3422 to set up an appointment for a free flu vaccination.

Kids on the Right Track


Assemblyman Nick Perry recently swore in the Class President of P.S. 398 Monique Brown and her cabinet, including a vice president each representing the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades respectively, and a class secretary.

According to Principal Josette Dugue the students embraced the campaign process wholeheartedly. The students were most impressed by the fact that they were able to cast their vote in a replica voting booth.

"It’s terrific to see kids participate in the electoral process," said Assemblyman Perry. "Principal Dugue and the staff at P.S. 398, have done a fine job of starting the students on the right track of putting an end to the political apathy that too often overwhelms our community."

Perry Makes Reading Easier

Assemblyman Perry facilitated the acquisition of 30 copies of "Vernon Can Read," the best-selling autobiography of Vernon Jordan, chief aide to President Clinton, making it the inaugural tome in the Community School District 17 "Read to Achieve" Book Club.

The book club will encourage, not only parents to take time out of their busy schedule to enrich their minds, but also motivate their children to do the same.

More than 15 parents in each of the 32 schools located in Community School District 17 are expected to participate in the book club.